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  1. Drunk_Thug

    strafing planes

    i cant find replay folder is is like WoT folder but WoW replays?
  2. Drunk_Thug

    strafing planes

    I have replay will try to up load.
  3. Drunk_Thug

    strafing planes

    Well it is the most broken element in this game! i lost 2 fighter squads of fully upgraded planes(fighters) bogue, with flags and commander skills to 1 cruiser based fighter! or where ever they come from that is just F$#@ing so DUMB!!!!!!!!!!!!! 1 plane 12 kills in 2 seconds sorry, i just don't see how anyone thinks this is good programing? yes i only have a few hundred battles but COME ON!!! look up what strafing is !!!!!!! strafe strɑːf,streɪf/ verb gerund or present participle: strafing "military aircraft strafed the village" attack repeatedly with bombs or machine-gun fire from low-flying aircraft. Not 1 plane or one squad can line up and get 12+ kills at all altitudes!!! in 2 or 3 seconds!!!!!!!!! please remove this stupid broken element from the game.
  4. Drunk_Thug

    Help with Aircraft carriers

    Hi all i don't play this game much but i have unlocked tier 5 USA carrier and have upgraded planes and added mods to improve my fighters. My issue is i have 2 squadrons of fighters that just get blown in less then 1 second(yes it was 1 second!) by 1 enemy squadron! it has happened several times! how is this possible or is it a bug in the game?
  5. Drunk_Thug

    General tips thread for brand new players

    Very helpful "beginners how to" videos from old thread of mine. http://forum.worldofwarships.asia/index.php?/topic/5664-new-player-basics-guide/page__fromsearch__1
  6. Drunk_Thug

    Invite a friend to the game bonus!

    =Bots.... So NO!
  7. Drunk_Thug

    Is this Right?

    oh! so if i buy this it can help make this beast even better? but 3 mill is a'lot off credits! from 200-300k mods to 3 mill is just ODD!
  8. Drunk_Thug

    Is this Right?

    3 million credits for a tier 4 mod? WTF! over 10x the cost of every other mod you can mount on this Ship!
  9. Drunk_Thug

    80% + playing Japan

    with 80% + playing japan i think we are in for a "World of Rebalance" reel soon.
  10. Just a poll to get some feed back for both myself and the WG team on beta test balance issues. Thanks Drunk_Thug
  11. Drunk_Thug

    Team Killing

    Just had my first run in with a player [content removed] trying to kill this game! Game loads in I start to move forward in my Battleship (New york class) and i get hit by full broadside barrage from player on my team! My ship starts burning I lose 5500+ hp had to use both my repair and health fix. He blame lag! How the [content removed] dose lag cause a ship not one minute into the game to turn to a broad side then aim and smack a battleship for 5500+ damage! I in return put one HE shell in to his flank for 400 damage and tell him to P%$# Off. A few seconds latter he unloads torpedos point blank over half my health gone! he then turns puts another torpedo salvo in me and i'm dead less then 2 minutes in and he has done over 49,000 and killed me. Game mods I post this here in the hope that the [content removed] has his beta access removed. Thanks Friendly Fire and Team Kills are now handled automatically by the game. Please do not retaliate or you will be caught by the system yourself. Naming and shaming, profanity. Post edited, thread locked, user warned. ~amade
  12. Drunk_Thug

    New Player Basics Guide

    If some could do that for me that would be great spamming my own thread is not a good way to say hi to the WOWs forum. Thanks.
  13. Drunk_Thug

    New Player Basics Guide

    I tried but I could only post here as i am new
  14. Drunk_Thug

    New Player Basics Guide

    As the title suggest can a forum mod or long term player make a pined thread topic to cover this area of the game. As i just bought the closed beta because I had watched many you tube clips and other WG videos and this game looked so great( I just had to play it). That said, the so called game tutorial I had to guide me... accounted for 1 battle and that was it! So I shoot some bots and now i know all there is to know? So lets jump into battle with my new tier 7 USA ship beacuase the tutorial showed me how to press my mouse button GREAT! That in it self was very unhelpful, As the package I bought was the 3 prem ships with torpedoes and such that are never explained how to use them. I Know this is beta, but now that the general public can buy into the closed beta, a thread with all the "how to play this ship" and "how to use this weapon type" would go a long way to building knowledge and preventing rage. A collection of you tube videos and other resources that is pined in a "new comer" section would be very very good. For now i am not playing my prem ships very much and and sticking to the low tier grind ships to figure out what to do and how to play and what play style suits me. I hope i get some good community feed back and it gets turned into or leads to the creation of a new comers section. Drunk Thug **edit As Ryusuke_ShireiKan suggested to watch these videos to help us newcomers, I will post links here. They are helping me heaps to understand the game much better with features I had know idea I could control. I hope other newcomers find it useful being in one place. If i have missed any other Naval Academy Videos let me know and i will update this post but these were the only ones i found. Thanks again all.