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  1. And I almost though the legendary shark-dude is finally going to make some sense.
  2. Strik3agle98

    CV should be given seperate game mode

    CV of the same tier do about as much average damage as the BB in the same tier. The only difference is that CV do a very high damage per wave of attack which they can launch one every 3-7 minute depend on the distance plane have to travel and can be very easily ruined by the enemy CV or any cruiser with DFAA or by WASDing and all of them are just a few button away. Unlike the BB who sent a salvo every 30sec and the only way to counter it is to stay angled or WASD. OP stated that CV could kill other ship completely in one well place strike. This is true if neither enemy CV's presence or DFAA are present during the attack and the ship you're attacking are not WASDing, such ideal condition is very rare in high tier. Since OP's never play any CV before I suggest that you might want to try reaching tier 7 with CV and see it first hand what it's like to be a CV player. It's not EASY and way much harder than playing a BB considered OP is a BB main.
  3. Strik3agle98

    So now scouting is even worse for CVs

    I think it won't affect CV gameplay that much because It can be implied that the single plane will get detected at the same range as the entire squadron. So you won't be having those "Full AA Build Atlanta spotted by plane but can't do anything about it" moment anymore just like miku said and I think it's good for the game especially for the guy who need to be hidden most of the time.
  4. Strik3agle98

    Saipan needs fighters to be of a lower tier

    You shouldn't have much problem fighting a Saipan in other tier 7 Carrier unless it's Strat driving the Saipan or other guy with similar caliber of skill. But of course it's the Asia server where the carrier driver know how to do stuff most of the time so our meta will involve Saipan making other CV player want to smash their head in his/her own keyboard WG said Saipan is fine because the change they make to the ship will affect every server and there's some server where Saipan is underperforming
  5. Strik3agle98

    What is wrong with humans

    Played 11 games, lost 9 of them and that's even with my division mate. We either face a fisching division on the enemy team, a unicum on the enemy's top tier and if MM finally decide that we should have easier time our BBs be like "look there's a DD on the map corner, let's hunt him down and ignore the cap" I know I always talk about gitting gud in a post like this but me too hate losing
  6. Strik3agle98

    Hiryu VS Saipan

    You don't want to man fight a Saipan(who know what he's doing) in a Hiryu. Since strafing is a meta so the faster the plane is, the more likely they'll win the fight but you could do a shit ton of damage while he's busy with your fighter. Remember, it's about killing a ship that win a game for the team.
  7. You don't really want to rely too much on your teammate since they don't trust you as much as you don't trust them. Plus no one want to follow the order of a random person since most of the time they don't know if you can be rely on. I myself am not going to follow order from someone I don't trust unless I agree with what he/she is saying because most of the time the guy who order people around in random battle don't know what he's doing. One last thing almost no one will listen to order but almost everyone(that speak English) will want to listen to a suggestion as long as it is in a nice civil manner.
  8. Strik3agle98

    Cat is here!

    edit: I misread it sorry
  9. Strik3agle98

    Cat is here!

    Good thing I keep my Mikasa, That cat's gunna be my new carrier captain. I'm really interested to see what voice will she he has(hoping for some moe voice with nyaa as her his catch phrase :v)
  10. Strik3agle98

    some battleships need secondary range buff

    Battleship is the most famous class in the game instead of cruiser that WG want. I don't think they'll buff what they want to be less famous(but still those USN BB could have some help :p)
  11. I know it's bad for newbie learning CV but how do you enjoy playing tier 4 ship and get deleted 5 minute in the game by a single well placed drop from Hosho? I personally don't find it hard to get 60k damage every game in my Hosho with manual drop and I'm not even a unicorn.
  12. Strik3agle98

    My Current personal Target in WoWs

    Become uniscum with carrier
  13. Strik3agle98

    Enemies Hate New orleans

    people love shooting at a squishy target and Orleans happen to be one of them. I personally like my Orleans, the only tier8 ship with camo and radar combination. I used to hate her so much when I grind her but that's when I have no idea how to USN cruiser. she's currently one of the ship I keep.
  14. Strik3agle98

    IJN cv vs USS cv?

    I prefer flexibility so I prefer IJN all the way. you're just going to have some problem with those AS USN carrier but with good awareness and attention you could pull some nice strike. Yes, you don't expect to win against USN carrier with his fighter unless you're smart and he's dumb or you've got more than 1 squad of fighter but I don't recommend running AS in Japanese carrier tho, those stacked torp bomber are significantly better than the unstacked one. You don't expect to contest AS with saipan and come out on top but you could always use those "more than twice the saipan's" strike plane and focus on doing damage. It shouldn't be too hard to pull a decent game fighting against saipan in other carrier unless it's someone like strat who' driving the saipan.
  15. I'm currently at hiryu and I find myself struggle contesting air space. I maintain my stats mainly by connecting a good strike but whenever I try to connect a straft, the enemy plane kinda dodge it and my plane ended up locked in a straft while he connect his strike. What are the thing I should do to improve myself??