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  1. lejarde2i

    ARP Voice

    can other player hear the Arp voice if you use letter "B" in keyboard and target enemy? if they use Nation voiceover + in audio ive been away since 3-4yrs and came back 3-4weeks so i forgot lol just wanna know, thank you
  2. lejarde2i

    Bismarck Campaign camo

    Im planning to sell my bismarck, so if i sell my bismarck the cammo from "the hunt for bismarck" still there or it will forever gone? i already got the 11m coz i already own the bismarck
  3. lejarde2i

    Error camera

    3 days and still no comment bout admins or mod, beyond power to fix it?
  4. lejarde2i

    team fire got robbed on the first round

    i agree with u, round 1 it was the fire and how come water win in round 1? so tell whats this mysterious phenomena
  5. lejarde2i

    Error camera

    the update is good, however there r too many errors, if i can just video the game then i can show all errors i see look my bismarck http://imgur.com/1LhAHcp the camera is not following is it possible to have camera like this? i dont think so http://imgur.com/EpHVdsU also it crash sometimes in battle or freeze
  6. lejarde2i

    update not fix

    having the new update with french cruisers, the game got too many errors (lag,crash) and after i recon to the game my ship is moving but the camera is not following I hate the update, this is the first update that ruin my game
  7. i hate the update, concealment expert and concealment system mod1 is useless now so sad for a german user like me , they should atleast give free "redistributed points"
  8. lejarde2i

    new ship

  9. lejarde2i

    new ship

    coz i dont have enough money to buy bismarck XD
  10. lejarde2i

    new ship

    idk if it related or not :V if i sell the GNEIS with Hull B is bismarck available to buy or not? got enough money if i sell the ship
  11. lejarde2i

    new ship

    just this... planning to sell the GNEI if i sell it, i can buy the bismarck or need to have GNEI first to buy the bismarck?
  12. lejarde2i

    new ship

    straight to the point, i dont have enough money to buy bismarck but what if i sell my GNEISEAU i can still buy it? or im gonna buy the GNEISEAU B again to buy the bismarck? need to sell this ship for bismarck
  13. lejarde2i

    [12.6.0] Aslain's WoWS ModPack Installer

    this mod looks big, but theres no example or picture of the mod, dk if its good
  14. lejarde2i

    newbie mod

    im really new to mods so i already have a file in res_mods/(version) and i want another mod so what should i do? mix them or another file? its a "DLC sound cannon pack" where do i put it? pls help
  15. lejarde2i


    so ive been searching in google, and theres mod so how do i apply it to the game?