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  1. lethalcoy

    Arpeggio Stage III / Mission 4 for new players?

    just this did this mission on Mikhail Kutuzov love this ship 19 km range 12 guns fast rof
  2. only if his turrents are pointing the right way launch all torps and turn away crusiers become dds for a few minutes
  3. lethalcoy

    Upcoming weather

    but dont forget when dds get spotted rest of team can fire at them how many times have you fired at dd at 9-10-12-14 kms if you are in range you focus fire dds 8 km vision range will drastically reduce them taking fire high tier ships will be way more cautious about pushing forward cruisiers popping up 8 kms away launching torps then dissappearing again this could be from 16 - 20 torps at a time way less shots fired less damage less xp and credits same 200 000+ repair bill dont see how this improves gameplay at all
  4. lethalcoy

    Upcoming weather

    dont understand the hype at all about weather vision limit to 8 km blunder around trying to find a enemy bb are useless especially if your guns are facing the wrong way just another dd paradise really really dont see what the all the excitement is about
  5. lethalcoy

    regarding ars nova ships

    dam posted in wrong place would a kind mod please put this where it should be ty
  6. lethalcoy

    regarding ars nova ships

    so i have the Kongou and Kirishima with the Hiei and Haruna still to come . My question is will they all be kongo class bbs and what are you expected to do with 4 identical ships. I know their all kongo class fast battleships in the series but would rather have different ships to play even if their tier 3-4 just my thoughts
  7. lethalcoy

    Torp Ranges v BB

    This is always going to be a problem , stick with cruisers HOW they leave you standing at start of battle making you prime target especially if cv or cvs are 2 tiers higher doesnt help when you spawn as lone bb with cruisers and dds i always turn into tps but they can adjust so quickly you are still caught out of position and aa really does nothing at tiers 5-6 especially again if cvs are higher tier. Then yay finally caught up with group to watch them come under fire and turn around and again leave you standing i mostly play cruisers and have stuck with bbs and cvs and yes shot down planes and helped them survive but then i find myself bottom of table with no exp and credits while their up there in top 3 plus staying with bbs, 90% of time im never in range to use my main guns and again no exp or credits. I mean go land 20 - 30 hits with main guns will always net you better exp and credits than any amount of planes shot down Seriously would you rather get high exp and credits for a loss or win and get nothing. As i say always going to be a problem
  8. lethalcoy

    Atago or Kutuzov? which one is more fun?

    have both and loving them play them to their strengths and both are awesome
  9. lethalcoy

    US Battleships Mainguns Despersion too High!

    seems to me that IJN has the best dds the best cruisers and the best bbs dont know about cvs as i have never played them
  10. lethalcoy

    DDs .torps detected to early now

    fully agree +1 for you 6 dds a battle makes bb worthless and people complain that bbs hang back and dont push gee wonder why tier 8 and above a complete joke with torp spam dds having a potential of over 300 000 damage with one full salvo and 15_20 km range yes yes to you dd lovers very very unlikely to land full salvo but still possible not saying nerf them but needs to be a limit of dds per battle
  11. lethalcoy

    where to report

    cool thank you very much
  12. lethalcoy

    where to report

    wondering how or where to report offensive player names not ingame abuse but actual player title
  13. lethalcoy

    cleveland gun trajectory

    so im finding that when im shooting in my cleveland at max range 14.5 kms (dont have the 4th captain skill yet). at fast ships im leading them that much that there of my monitor, even battleships are right on edge of screen. dont remember doing this on cbt. cant imagine whats its like with extra range from captain skill. are other people finding the same ?
  14. lethalcoy

    Time Taken For Grinding Need A Long Time..

    dont mind the grind so much but the cost of modules is way too high 5-6 million to put modules on a tier 4 arkansas
  15. lethalcoy

    Missed the mark

    think that was just a real rare salvo. i often stare in disbelief as a whole salvo from my bb lands all around the enemy ship without a single hit. wait 30 secs just to watch it happen again why i like cruisers the most