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  1. Jmacca


    Yes bring out HMAS Sydney.
  2. how do I spend the pearls that I have?
  3. Jmacca

    flying rules?

    What I want to know is do you get reported for flying along the blue line? Cheers guys Macca
  4. Jmacca

    flying rules?

    Thanks, planes can still be shot down on the blue line but cannot launch torpedoes close to ships on the blue line but as I said I was told that I would be Banned and I can't find the rule about it. Cheers Macca.
  5. Jmacca

    flying rules?

    Hi all love the game but I was just told that flying planes along the border is against the rules and will lead to being banned is that true? Cheers.
  6. Will WoWs and WoTs have linked accounts so gold and premium do not have to be payed for twice. Cheers. Macca.
  7. Jmacca

    [CONTEST] Ocean Mine Sweeper #1

    how do you delete a post?
  8. Jmacca


    It would be good to see some Australian ships even under the British or US line I would expect them to be only small Cruisers and Destroyers and the like, as the RAN did a fair bit of good work in both WW1 & WW2 considering we have such a small population and Navy. Cheers. Macca.
  9. Jmacca

    Secondary weapons?

    I wish I get the chance to play this I can't wait it looks so good
  10. Jmacca

    Over Power Torpode 1 Hit Destroy Battleship

    Just look at what happened to the Hood