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  1. max__nz

    Taskforce44 - Sign Up Here!

    room for one more ? if so I would like to join thx max
  2. ifs funny cause over at NA everyones moaning about how it cost too much so they wont buy it....go figure
  3. max__nz

    loud ringing noise

    honestly its like theyre trying to make me deaf , my ears are ringing . just kill me already
  4. max__nz

    Curse of the German Navy

    2000 shots landed for 50 damage .... now I know why Germany lost
  5. max__nz

    loud ringing noise

    ok so as above , that loud ringing noise you get with heavy damage. how do I get rid of it , I tried to search for answers but found none . any advice ?
  6. max__nz

    A carrier question please

    with that combo the second cv was probably a bogue? oh this is my first comment on the asia forum , yay me