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    The Kawachi is total garbage!

    @ Marhault: If you don't like it, why complain? Why do you continue to play? Drop it--play ZUMA instead until your marbles fall off! What we need here are people who give constructive criticisms and suggestions, not individuals who bellyache about the game. What do you want anyway? If you don't like it--don't play it!
  2. puklo

    Help me!

    OK--I don't speak Japanese nor understand it. I can't distinguish which of the kaigun ranks is higher. I'm sure Japanese-speaking players who don't understand English also cannot distinguish between Lieutenant and Commander, etc. Suggestion: why not add stripes to the Japanese or English rank-names, such as one stripe for Ensign, 2 stripes for Lieut Jr grade, 4 stripes for Captain, etc., and for their Japanese equivalents as well? This way, it does not matter what "kaigun" or "commander" means--they have their equivalent stripes for everybody to understand.