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  1. Shan2406

    Technical issues found.

    not beed fixed Tasmania
  2. Shan2406

    WG lying about PTS rewards

    same here only 3 each
  3. Shan2406

    who have 50%+ winrate in shimakaze?

    To me Shimakaze is just a entertainment ship. like 2ndary build Großer Kurfürst Hard to carry you team to win, so powerless. iGroßer Kurfürst
  4. Shan2406

    Fix it now! WG ASIA

  5. Shan2406

    How to improve the karma system.

    Please have unlimited AFK report.
  6. Shan2406

    finally break 200K damage

    Well done
  7. Shan2406

    Finally 5 stars for part 2

    Congratulations After finished the scenario with 5 stars, I can say it is not as good as last year. Dont want to play again.
  8. Shan2406

    World of craships & lagships

    http://status.vocus.com.au/view-incident.aspx?IncidentID=349 The waiting is nearly over.
  9. Finish mission 8 and 9 4 times each lol one more time I can unlock the finial mission. yeah
  10. Well I got more than 500 days of premium account. I don't really care. But What about someone just bought premium account? eg 7 or 30 days cannot play, bad luck? huh?
  11. Should we get some kind of compensation? anyone? As the WOWS becomes non playable for 1 month? All the Premium account just wasted.
  12. Shan2406

    Problems with pacific cable again?

    Time to say goodbye WOWS 400+ ping
  13. Shan2406

    How to buy a REAL Aircraft carrier

    Australia sold their CV Melbourne to China for breaking. I am sure their is some old CV in small country, you can purchase。
  14. Shan2406

    how fast is your download speed for update?

    100/40 NBN for me 700 kb~ 1.7 + MB Satisfied