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  1. Please have unlimited AFK report.
  2. Well done
  3. Congratulations After finished the scenario with 5 stars, I can say it is not as good as last year. Dont want to play again.
  4. The waiting is nearly over.
  5. Finish mission 8 and 9 4 times each lol one more time I can unlock the finial mission. yeah
  6. Well I got more than 500 days of premium account. I don't really care. But What about someone just bought premium account? eg 7 or 30 days cannot play, bad luck? huh?
  7. Should we get some kind of compensation? anyone? As the WOWS becomes non playable for 1 month? All the Premium account just wasted.
  8. Time to say goodbye WOWS 400+ ping
  9. Australia sold their CV Melbourne to China for breaking. I am sure their is some old CV in small country, you can purchase。
  10. 100/40 NBN for me 700 kb~ 1.7 + MB Satisfied
  11. The second part is hardest played over 3000 games I never get a clear sky and i don't play CV so I can only get 8 stars in part II. GG for me lol
  12. I found that some times its ridiculous hard at last star Stopped at R4-4 for few days. just can't get the last star. no matter what I do bad or good. always lose the game. then get a easy win on R4-3. lol
  13. yes me too I finished PT1 3 tasks and PT2 1st task I only got PT1 task 1 and PT2 task 1 reward. no Premium and 5 special flags Very disappoint