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  1. matthew41796

    [CONTEST] What's love got to do with it?

    Apologies, something went wrong while I was uploading i do hope you would consider
  2. matthew41796

    [CONTEST] What's love got to do with it?

    Here is my Submission The Background and the Poem are both originals
  3. matthew41796

    Getting lag and disconnected after patch.

    My CV's are done for with this Lag holy crap
  4. matthew41796

    1000MS LAG

    you guys tried playing with CV? 800k ping dafaq welp at least I have WoT
  5. umm historical accuracy anyone? Jap Torps ARE better than american torps...american torps are shit compared to long lances :| to be fair long lances should be going 40 km while (type 43 torpedoes) American Mark 14 torpedoes can only go 4 km Mark 13 torpedoes can go 5.8 km Mark 15 torpedoes go 13 km at its slowest configuration and 5.5 at it's faster configuration Mark 16 torpedoes can go 12 km at most Mark 17 torpedoes can go 16 km Mark 18 torpedoes can only go 3.6 km Mark 21 torpedoes can only go 5.8 km Mark 22 torpedoes can only go 3.6 km Mark 24 torpedoes, though having a passive acoustic homing device on them, can only go 3.6 Mark 25 torpedoes can only go 2.5 km all the way to mark 30 none can come close to the long lance which served the Japanese navy throughout the whole war
  6. matthew41796

    Ship Naming

    WG could seriously make money out of naming ships... but what's the point of naming a ship ( spending actual money ) if you cant show it off?WG can restrict the number of characters that can be used. and the name doesnt have to be always showing it could go like this: Press ALT you see Class - Ship Name and below or above that you see the username it could look like *press alt 'insert name here' Bogue Class - Sinker
  7. matthew41796

    Ship Naming

    you do understand that some ships were never made right? you'd be surprised of how fanatical some people are about their ships. I've heard people raging "I want to name my ship" maybe it can go like level 9 : you can choose to rename a ship that's historically accurate to the class and if you want to go further and name a ship yourself, buy it with doubloons
  8. matthew41796

    Ship Naming

    maybe a format like 'Class' - 'ship name' when you press ALT would work or maybe the Class is replaced by the ship name when you press ALT That way, it cant really be abused maybe there could be a limit on the amount of characters you could use
  9. matthew41796

    Ship Naming

    I mean playing a game gets a bit flat lined when ALL i can see are ship classes :| like all i could see one game were South Carolinas... its like the ships were cloned or something
  10. matthew41796

    Ship Naming

    It might even get more players hooked on the game .. think about it
  11. matthew41796

    Ship Naming

    Should War Gaming give us the chance to name our newly bought ships? After all, the ships themselves have a character of their own and it makes for some interesting rivalries in the game
  12. matthew41796

    Shared kills, perhaps?

    Well, according to most PUB and casual gamers that I've asked about this they get turned off by the fact that hitting a ship til it reaches 1/20 of its health then have the kill stolen is a good way to get turned off by the game It wouldnt be so much of a change anyway, you are just giving the player a better feeling when he hits something as opposed to him getting frustrated when the kill gets stolen