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  1. khangkhung

    NA/Asia unified accounts

    Nope, you don't have to download and install a different client for each server. You just have to edit an xml file in the Games/World_of_Warships/scripts folder. But I guess, you have to create a different email username account for each server to avoid conflicts.
  2. khangkhung

    How to change server?

    I got this from the NA server as what Fiona__Marshe said in this thread. Credits to the OP of the post. I tried it and it worked. SS below too I'm originally on the NA server because a friend told me that the pings there are better compared to Asia server based on where we live.
  3. Just play it so you won't be the kid in the sandbox who is left out. I've paid my due with SoC. Work with the BB's limitations.
  4. khangkhung

    Tips on what shell to use.

    I used to fire broadside all at once with my BB Wyoming at 10-11kms and would hit the enemy at avg. 2-3 hits. I fire single shots now with average 1sec interval and would usually average to 35 hits in a game. I will only fire broadside all-at-once at closer ranges.
  5. khangkhung

    Need Some Advice.

    I really had much fun with St. Louis dishing out HE shells, providing cover to BBs. You can't always expect your team to coordinate or to take notice of their teammates whereabouts all the time. When I played St. Louis, rather than carving a path of my own, I watch where my teammates go and provide assistance. I fire from the limit of my range (so as not to take the damage from enemy BBs and to steer clear away from enemy DDs).
  6. khangkhung

    why my ships don't have captains

    You get a commander at rank 5. To sell ships, you just right click the ship and click 'sell'
  7. khangkhung

    NVIDIA driver 353.64 Bad update. Game and system crashes

    Sorry for placing this post on the wrong forum group. I'm running Core-i7 2670QM with GTX 570M (Old, I know) on a 64-bit Windows 10. I previously had a 353.62 driver and I thought that was causing the problem so I installed the 355.60 driver (which is newer, sorry for the confusion). I thought it solved the problem but it didn't. This problem started yesterday (which coincidentally the system made some updates). So know, I'm starting to think it's not the driver at all but maybe the system updates windows made. The GPU temps shot up at idle (from 49C to avg 55C) now. I guess I'll have to tune down using MSI afterburner. Thanks for the comments guys.
  8. I'm on windows 10 and by default drivers are downloaded and installed in the background. The recent driver update from Nvidia (353.64) is just bad. Driver keeps on crashing on my system and it does temporarily freeze. It does this every minute (not kidding). I managed to find a temporary fix by enabling vertical syn to "on" and power management mode to "maximum performance". But whenever I open WoW and play it, the driver crashes and so does the game. Anybody has this problem? Any solutions, too? Thread moved to appropriate section. Please pay more attention to where you are posting. ~dead_man_walking