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  1. Pinnacul

    Major changes - or a new game?

    Unfortunately a lot of proposed changes will be very damaging to game balance. Balance is an important aspect that WG at least strives to achieve (whether they hit the mark or not is another story). A realistic WW2 naval ship simulation would largely reduce DD's, CA's and BB's to carrier support with the occasional shore bombardment duties. Is this a game lots of people would play?
  2. Pinnacul

    Air raid alarm

    I like the idea of having an air raid alarm as a message option which I could press to warn my team mates that bogeys are in the area. However, to make sure it is meaningful then it should only be available when bogeys are actually in the area.
  3. Pinnacul

    A higher level of difficulty?

    And make everything voice activated so that you can bark orders at your crew just like a real skipper. Add in a USB device which can spray salty water in your face to make the experience as real as it can possibly be!
  4. Wow playing computer games is a testosterone dominant activity! You learn something new every day!
  5. Pinnacul

    I've discovered WG's secret

    What we need is a "Murphy's Law" flag which can account for the perceived perversity of the universe.
  6. I think the point that Delphaeus is trying to make is that the missions may be encouraging a very selfish style of play which prioritises the mission objectives over the team/game objectives. But as others have pointed out the missions can be done by just playing normally, i.e. by focusing on the game objective and letting the missions take care of themselves. So have the missions adversely affected gameplay?
  7. Pinnacul

    XVM for World of Warships

    Here is an alternate scenario if XVM was implemented as a basic feature: Noob 1: Look at the stats of the opposition team Noob 2: There is no way we are going to beat them with all of the scrubs we have on our team Noob 3: Let's all just die and get this game over with Noob 4: I'm off to the forums to complain about MM being so unfair In WoT I have seen this scenario play out many times, especially when XVM's fairly ludicrous win prediction is enabled.
  8. Pinnacul

    Conflicting objectives

    I don't think anyone has enough time to do the things that they want to do, so it becomes a decision to do the things you most want to do. But my desire to do the things I want to do should not affect anyone else's ability to do the things they want to do. If I am understanding your argument correctly you are saying that given the choice you will do the ARP missions and avoid RB, which means players who want to do RB may be disadvantaged as there will be insufficient numbers queuing for them to get a game. So your choice of doing the ARP missions could adversely affect those who want to do the RB missions. Certainly this a valid argument. However, the argument that a casual gamer who has limited time to devote to the game should be able to complete missions equally as well as a dedicated gamer does not sit well with me. Reward and effort should be proportional.
  9. Pinnacul

    Conflicting objectives

    Equally there are players who love playing WoWS who can and will spend many hours per day playing. The game needs to cater to these players as well.
  10. Pinnacul

    XVM for World of Warships

    One of the big complaints about XVM in WoT is that arty preferentially target the good players and make their ability to carry more difficult. For this to happen someone has to spot for arty and there are preventative measures that can be taken, but in WoWS CV's are their own spotters. Allowing XVM to exist in WoWS will give CV's players greater influence in battles, more so than the other ship types because they can attack anywhere on the map. Whether you think introducing XVM is a good thing or not, you will have to admit that introducing XVM will change the way this game is played.
  11. Pinnacul

    PvE Bots

    The bot AI for CV's needs a lot of work. Torp bombers will attack DD's when a BB is close by and fighters never venture away from the CV itself. It is pretty much a guaranteed win if the humans have a CV who is not totally afk. I hope WG are committed to supporting PvE mode and will sometime in the future introduce historical battles that have a good degree of challenge to them. My dream would be to fight in the Battle off Samar as the USS Johnston.
  12. Pinnacul

    PvE Bots

    Bots appear to play exactly the same regardless of tier. They seem to always prioritise CV's > DD's > CA's > BB's as their targets. Their aim is always near perfect if you are not making constant course changes. Their initial navigation appears to be pre-defined according to the map but once contact is made they will pursue the highest priority target. In the absence of a target within firing range they will head for cap. They are not good at getting themselves unstuck off islands. They are not as good as an average player, but they are never obnoxious!
  13. My understanding is that premium ships have very cheap repair costs and so the net credits you receive can be substantially greater. The effect increases with tier. But to generate serious credits in premium ships you still have to play well. For good players premium ships are great credit earners but for someone less experienced I would suggest that premiums, especially high tier premiums, may not turn out to be that spectacular as credit earners. My experience with the Murmansk and Omaha, which are quite similar suggests that the premium Murmansk earns about 10 - 20% more credits on average than the Omaha given the same battle performance. For premiums to make credits they have to be played, so I would suggest that the biggest consideration in purchasing a premium is not whether other people can use the ship to churn out credits but rather will you enjoy playing it. If you enjoy playing any ship the rest will take care of itself.
  14. Pinnacul

    Three things the gameplay desperately needs......

    Admittedly friendly fire is very frustrating in this game but what might happen if friendly fire was turned off for torps is that team mates might deliberately intercept your torps either to grief or to ensure you don't do any damage. But given most of the friendly fire I have seen has been through incompetence rather than malice I think your idea should be investigated further.
  15. Pinnacul

    About Gameplay time.

    If you don't camp games can be over very quickly.