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    100% hate Carrier and torpedo

    Aircraft carrier will never got an upgrade of torpedo damage in higher tier... and I bet you are still playing on the low tier one.. at the higher tier.. planes easily shot down and being a pro CV requires a lot of skill.. battleship is quite fast at higher tier and torpedo bombers can be easily evaded.. Its always up to you.. its the same like in world of tanks.. if you are standing still.. the SPG will target you.. if you have a good map awareness and take evasive maneuver from torpedo bomber.. you will be least targeted.. I'm a hardcore fan of CV.. and I must tell you.. CV is not all about clicking.. managing squad.. the amount of damage we give.. the target we choose.. all of them needs the skill like in RTS game.. managing resources well..
  2. PrinzNemerith

    Barrage Fire bug

    The condition for this bug to happen is when I use barrage fire on to enemy fighter and then the enemy fighter instantly engage my plane.. I can't control my plane and not even attacking the enemy plane.. I'm using Ranger and enemy is using Hiryu.. sory for no screenshot.. I forgot to take it ><
  3. PrinzNemerith

    Splitting Squadron on Carrier

    Maybe i'm noob enough to know about that or is there is a special hotkey to divide the squadron for carriers.. I'm at tier 5 US Carrier and I've seen some friendly carrier having 4 and 4 torpedo bombers while my torpedo bombers are only 1 squadron but consist of 6 planes...