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  1. ae_Kae


    <sorry you got haida> For ppl not decided yet. Consider Haida cuz maple syrup is tasty its a ninja and can cloak while moving. Then make other sleep with the fishes.
  2. ae_Kae


    You certainly dont have enough Dub for that. Click it !! Even if you get the camo, you win.
  3. Comrades, no one hinders the glory of the motherland. We shall see the announcement of ballistic missile submarine, soon.
  4. Cuz it's Dragon Boat Festival RIDEONDRAGON Gives you two Dragon signals
  5. WOWSDISCORD2021 送迷彩跟紀念旗 代碼輸入連結 https://asia.wargaming.net/shop/redeem/
  6. WOWSDISCORD2021 Got on the discord server. Its a global code.
  7. QUADRATLATSCHEN from German Stream 200K credits and signals mission Probably shares the same reward with the upcomming streams later this week. But hey, who doesn't want to get the reward as soon as possible?
  8. Actually, no. Uh, I mean, not only Asian. Please refer to this recent post: https://forum.worldofwarships.eu/topic/151136-seriously-how-can-bb-players-be-so-bad😢/
  9. ae_Kae

    Auction - Value/Worth/Cost

    Yeap, bid 40M and nothing happens. This event is not for most of us clearly. I have seen these vids severals years ago, just sharing them here.
  10. ae_Kae

    Abandon Ship!

    This is the final image before the game ends by my torps. I didnt notice it before. OMG there are plenty of crews on those ships!
  11. ae_Kae

    Batlle of Midway commemorative flag

    To Batlle !!!
  12. ae_Kae


    is this the same 200K credits mission reward ? still thanks for sharing tho
  13. WACKELDACKEL 直播的代碼都有有效期限喔 快點行動 https://asia.wargaming.net/shop/redeem/
  14. Code G0T0THEM1DWAY from the JP livestream. Code gives you a credits and signal combat mission.
  15. Get from the Korean Stream WELCOMETOCH0M1N Get a combat mission