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  1. ae_Kae

    New year's bonus codes

    Mine 22NYE-P5S56-C97DR happy new years cap'n
  2. Not about ships. I really want operations for tier 8, 9.
  3. ae_Kae

    Best ships for Operations

    Eh? He did ask for cruisers
  4. ae_Kae

    Best ships for Operations

    If you really want the best ship for Narai, get Atlanta.
  5. ae_Kae

    Subs Suck

    DDs have benefit much from those changes. CV rework => less rocket attack. Sub => torps usually not focus on DD, DD can evade them easily, but DD can just drive through to kill a sub. DDs now have 3 weapon systems that can work simultaneously. (Depth charges, torps and guns) On the other hand, those reworks and additions bashed battleships hard. I think WG indents to keep BB players at minimum. In Coop, BB have taken up 3 - 4 slots in one game, but now only few of them.
  6. Did twice in Moskva today. Citadel on Yamato and Azuma when crossing T of them. Get 4 citadel hits on poor Yama and 2 on Azuma. Huge untold nerf on ships with that kind of funnel.
  7. I just finishing my first 2000 XP container. And when i select moar coal container it said there was an transaction error. I then went to take a bath and after 10+ minutes when I went back. I still cannot receive container. Anyone encountered this problem recently?
  8. WG developing tup sekret teknology that can detect your frustration
  9. I want Soviet Gunboat DD with: 1. Stalin's-pipe class smoke generator 2. Duga Radar 3. Commisar-behind-you torpedo reload booster 4. Iron Curtain ofcWhyNot If may expectation is too high then i really want to see RN DD such as Weapon-class or Battle-class destroyer in game (perhaps a split?) NO MOAR HYBRID MONSTERS!
  10. Just minutes ago, I played a coop game to flush my daily 200% bonus. I encountered a Johan De Witt in the current version of game (not PT client). I wonder how I can get it in this current version? It does not show any parameters during the loading screen, just a "SOON" stamp. But you can calculate the ratings of parameters using the comparision results to my Fletcher. Airstrike capability is 100 wow. In game images. Too bad i didnt see it using any airstrike and it got deleted by a BB later on. Replay https://replayswows.com/replay/134895#teams
  11. Yeees!! Check this out. (lil bit old though) Pentagon's Mad Scientists Want to Launch Killer Drones From Small Warships https://www.wired.com/2013/03/darpa-drones-ships/ Incomming Hellfire!
  12. For this, I must admit the description is correct but babies are playing BB and they cry when they got a scratch.
  13. The interface team are still in 0.10.4 And I've heard that der Fuhrer has just moved into the bunker.
  14. ae_Kae


    Yeah, I played RNCA@VI-VII in operations a lot. They suck even in Co-op. Light cruisers are actually fun to play, if you get them right they can generate lots of citedal hits. And you can get to top 1 almost 80% of the time in operation if you use Leander and Fiji. For Narai, ignore those transports if Atlanta exist. Aim for Dallas, Emeralds then go for Lexington.