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  1. trevoor

    World of Torpedoes!

    pretty sure you cant use the j word in here
  2. trevoor

    Manual drop

    shame to see all the same trolls here as tanks.
  3. trevoor

    Blue Line Abuse Discussion

    Its a constant struggle for me not to launch a selvo at them or loose some torps in there general direction (my team that is), after telling them I'm recording and will report them then them telling me to $#@% off or replying in non engrish. This abuse for some reason is the one thing in this game that makes my blood boil!
  4. trevoor

    Blue Line Abuse Discussion

    What are the ramifications to the players who abuse this is I take a replay or screenshots and submit them to WG? Will anything actually be done? NB# Apologies if this is answered here somewhere, at work and couldn't read every post