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  1. Wow. A lot of hate to Akatsuki i suppose. I mean, with her you actually now outrun the mahan by almost 2 knots. And it's got a nice gun and torpedoes for her tier. But yeah, i think camo is a must for every battle with her. Agreed with 8knots here. She is almost perfect for me.
  2. Uuu.... I need aomeone who can handle my potatoe-ness too.....
  3. FJhatsu

    How do you guys play each class?

    CV=Damager style BB=Flagship style DD=Ninja style CA=Knight style :3
  4. FJhatsu

    Buying Stuff for WoWs

    Cheap low tier prem ships, doubloons, and a wireless mouse. Also snacks.
  5. FJhatsu

    Bad Juju Repellent

    Play CV first. If you win, you are on a winning streak, if you lose, you are on losing streak(might not work all the time) :3
  6. Issue : scroll bar not working. Right click does not open tab for selling ships Ship : any Map : port only Occurance : Rare, Random Tested : cannot reproduce Severity : does not affect battles. However inables selling ship and scrolling between friends to invite Details : scroll bar didnt scroll the page down when dragged in the chat, tech tree, profile, etc Right click didnt open a tab on ships and friends tab
  7. Powerful? Yes. Easier to hit? No. The torps on Fletcher and Geating is still better to hit ships. This ROF buff to IJN DDs is to make it AT LEAST you will be able to hit with that crappy rotation gun.
  8. Fighting 1v1 with my konigsberg vs an aoba at 5km range. He hit 1 citadel hits while i did 5 and sunk him. Later i was killed by his torps.
  9. FJhatsu

    what!? new IJNDD line?

    Dude. Almost no BB can survive a DD attack ALONE without support.
  10. FJhatsu

    what!? new IJNDD line?

    Oh, nice. They are buffing the main guns reload time :joy:
  11. FJhatsu

    [forum game]Mighty Banhammer

    Player above me is banned because knowing too much
  12. FJhatsu

    WOWs Conspiracies

    Skilled DD player can kill the USN DDs and RU DDs with IJN DDs guns. Dundundunduuuuun......
  13. FJhatsu

    what!? new IJNDD line?

    Gah. Theyre removing the 10km torps for mutsuki. Oh well, not coming back for her again.
  14. FJhatsu

    Happy Eid-dul-Fitr

    Well,right when i got THR,yuubari is no longer on sell -_-