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  1. But if you have an already existing WoWS account, your DMM account will have to be a fresh start correct?
  2. I would like to suggest that instead of relying on how many or how long of a mouse button press. The mouse button option can be pretty unreliable at times since you can accidentally overpress or press too long.
  3. ExESGO

    Just unlocked the North Carolina, tips needed.

    Engage targets from 15 km and below. The floaty-ness of the shells make it useless at long range battles since people can simply just WASD out of things.
  4. ExESGO

    I have changed my mind WOWS is STUPID

    4770 Haswell best well. Still though, what could be causing the crashes. How exactly stable is the system? Did you let it run a stability test for a day or so?
  5. ExESGO

    I have changed my mind WOWS is STUPID

    Did he add an additional 0 or something? I highly doubt that computer would go for that much. Heck with that money you could get two or three super high-end computers.
  6. ExESGO

    Smoke is not our friend

    You got radar'd mate.
  7. ExESGO

    Don't u think ship inside smoke is too OP?

    Asia is apparently the only server with a cruiser meta. They get citadel'd, and it's bye bye. People get baited by a cruiser running away, and yeah you could give chase, but the your shells just land around them and theirs hits you. The lesson is not to chase a cruiser, go do other stuff. Quote Updated ~lengxv6
  8. ExESGO

    Buff Buff Buff

    I second the motion of the Cleveland, along with the revival of the original Sims and Saipan. #bringbackoldsims #makesimsgreateragain #makeclevelandbreakland #ufosaipan
  9. ExESGO

    Disappearing ships

  10. ExESGO

    WG you need to seek better super testers!

    *shudders* A fair amount of ST'ers were Alpha Testers also, so we've technically got a megaton of games under our belt and all the Tier Xs available at the time.
  11. ExESGO

    We need to buff AA with patriot missiles.

    You mean Sea Sparrows. From what I understood from listening to good players, it comes down to knowing what targets to go for and when to push in or out.
  12. ExESGO


    Sounds like you are too out front.
  13. Just upgrade her. She is a lovely destroyer.
  14. ExESGO

    YouTube channels

    I used to, but took a break.