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  1. Pls donate me a Russian BB Gangut cuz I failed this [content removed] mission. This is the 5 reason why some free users failed to get Oktyabrskaya Revolutsiya The Duration of the event Based EXP Multiplier for tier 4 up to tier 7 RNG Match Making The Unfair match on Tech Tree Ships vs Pay To Win Ships (Example Akatsuki/Myoko vs Atlanta/Bellfast With Radar Shit) I failed because of the Based EXP mission which required 1600 Based EXP on 1 Impossible Match, at tier 9 and 10 is easy to get even in defeat, but in tier 4 to 8 is needed a premium account plus a carring your whole noob team. but kraken is still not enough if up against unfair Pay to Win ships. hear is my short salty clip if you want to see. [content removed] Profanity. Post edited, user warned. ~amade
  2. 5L33PY_WH1LL

    Euro's X-Mas Giveaway

    Euro this is Youtube name RYAN C00P3R wows name 5L33PY_WH1LL my wish is a video of How to Atago or APR Takao because i still can't figure out this ships it my first tier 8 ship, I'm not a cruiser driver, my main is battleships, and i still can't handle well in this Tier 7 and 8 Cruisers so i need your help for your tips and guide pls? oh btw sorry i forgot to put you in credit in my kancolle kamusu guide video How to use Warspite sins i almost copy the line of How to Warspite so i will rework that video so i can put you in credit