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    Wargaming support is very unresponsive and NOT helpful.

    No, I stop playing EU and only play in Asia. Friend are in Asia server.
  2. maximilianyuen

    Wargaming support is very unresponsive and NOT helpful.

    Thanks, but that was the first few thing I try, on top of playing in window mode, disabling Nvidia surround, unplugging additional monitor. All tried after restart.
  3. maximilianyuen

    Wargaming support is very unresponsive and NOT helpful.

    I don't really think the problem is on my side, having already go through all these with the Support's standard procedure. Now that they know my problem is not a standard one that I can solve by goolging, I just need them to really think of a solution on my otherwise perfectly fine computer. All they need to do is perhaps, just give me a launch command or config that already pre-selected the Asia server. I can live with not able to change any setting in the option. Instead they just do nothing, not even replying.
  4. maximilianyuen

    Wargaming support is very unresponsive and NOT helpful.

    thanks, and unfortunately no other PC at hand, unless there is a mac version? but my PC is fully capable of VR and Elite Dangerous and even WoT no problem, pretty sure problem is not on my end. 980 ti, i7 6700k 32G ram, should be good enough to handle a few drop down menu I guess. I am trying very hard to be understanding, but I really can't help Wargaming make any excuse for this really basic simple bug that's critical enough to stop me from login.
  5. maximilianyuen

    Wargaming support is very unresponsive and NOT helpful.

    seems failed to attached. Here again.
  6. So I am a long term paying player in WoT and just started actually playing asian WoS two months ago(was reaching tier 7 in Europe server since WoS beta), bought Warspite and some credit to support dev (multiple purchase on pc and ps4 WoT as well if that matter). But then their update last month make me not able to login, because I have a notorious drop-down menu disappear in multi-monitor setup. And since the update for some unknown reason need me to select the only option of Asia server before login, meaning I can't login because I can't select that. I did all thing I possibly can to solve it, down to even unplug all extra LCD into single LCD setup but still exist. Googling solution that like Nvidia surround, play in window mode and all are not helpful. I file a ticket on April 26, got a standard reply on 28 asking for dxdiag( which I have support already in previous ticket on same issue that close down because he think no dropdown option in setting screen only in previous update is not game affecting???). Give everything he asked on 30, then only receive reply on May 09 on solution that's quite obvious irrelevant in display card setting but let him know it's not working on May 13. No reply until May 21 giving my BS that they will investigate. This is the worst customer service I have experience so far. Bought a ship that's not cheap at all, and for 2 months and counting I still have no way to just even login the game. On warframe even if they can't help they will tell you what had they tried and why its not work and not leave you hanging. On Elite Dangerous support, they are the most willing to refund dev I ever see. Also reply within 24 hours. Amazing. If the support of Wargaming is a bit more willing to help, I am expecting some command option to skip the login server select, or get a special launcher that help me pre-select Asia server to get me at least into the game before they fix this simple problem, which WoT under the same wargaming company has no issue of. If I am not getting a fix or the support continue to ignore, I think it's very reasonable to ask for a refund of all the ships/credit that I purchase? Attached is the support ticket screenshot.