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  1. DaNoob

    Do people enjoy feeling irrelevant?

    ... I hope you've seen this video? Also note: sometimes, just sometimes, if you're OVER-tiering an opponent with known weak armor (say, a Kongo vs a Tenryuu), you will have to treat the opponent as a destroyer as well. Otherwise, your higher tiered awesome-sauce will just over penetrate his stuff, especially given the dispersion problems of a BB. And that's true in reverse as well: if you're hopelessly under-tiered (Fuso vs an Iowa), switch to HE. You can't pen his shit, so don't try.
  2. DaNoob

    UI Things to do Check List

    Here's another one: - Better enemy aircraft indicators and controls Subcategories: -- Aircraft icons contains owner name and tier when Alt is pressed (already in the list) -- Announcement (similar to "Torpedoes on the Port side!!" warnings) of "Strike Craft entering an attack run!!" nearby (aka strike craft passed the white circle threshold of no return). THIS is the critical moment for the targeted ship to dodge strikecraft, not when torps are in the water, and so having a warning shouted in the player's face might actually increase understanding and reduce "OP" stupidity. -- Larger aircraft icons, and/or Some sort of clickable interface on the radial threats circle to easily select "focused fire" on aircraft (especially for the virtually un-spottable, unclickable aircraft flying overhead).
  3. DaNoob

    Windows 10 DO NOT DO IT

    You forgot Windows 2000. Widely considered as one of the most stable Windows OS in the early years, despite it being based off Windows NT...
  4. DaNoob

    Something needs to be done with the carriers

    There's those words again. *sigh* if you're in a good DD, you should be able to traverse the map in 5 minutes... Less for a small map. Breaking through IS indeed a problem of course... But it's doable. I've sunk enough times to know so. Also, unless that cv has ten squadrons of planes he can't be everywhere at once, seriously. You are making it out as if CVs carry a stock of warp-capable space fighters or something...
  5. DaNoob

    Something needs to be done with the carriers

    One more thing to add onto my mega post above (new post because stupid forum iPhone bugs) - Carriers always seem to be top tier team always. So OP, right? Simple: if you have a super-AP shell in your tier 4 and can penetrate a tier 6 consistently with loads of damage, you'll have massive XP gains too. Wargaming has always given loads more XP to people who're able to hurt stuff above their tiers. And because carriers work via torpedoes (ignores a lot of armor) and dive bombs (fire ignores armor), they're thus very capable of hurting the ships above their tier that a BB's AP round just can't, and get a lot of XP for it.
  6. DaNoob

    Something needs to be done with the carriers

    None taken. It's just that I'm frustrated people are thinking that CVs are the patron saint of massive damage without stopping to actually THINK what makes CVs work. AND WITHOUT that thinking, people are going to fall to that same old tired easy shit over and over and over again when they could have done much better. Some hidden stats: - the movement of tier 4 CVs are crappy as f***. Even IJN carriers are at best the movement speed of tier 4 BBs, easily overtaken by DDs and Cruisers. If you're lucky and time things correctly, you'll catch it alone at the tail end of a fleet advance (it can't keep up) and it's movement abilities is the cross of a stoned rhino crossbred with a sloth tortoise: it can't do shit to run away. And if that CV is not at the tail end of an advance... It'll be alone and vulnerable. Bring a partner though. Lucky torps hitting you are a thing. - tier 4 maps add to the problem by being small-ass maps. Other than the blue line, there's only a few good spots to hide. And if they're hiding, then they're at 0knts, and that means they're torpedo bait. Hell, if you catch it out on a good open patch, even the BBs can join in the fun. The above two points basically adds up to "AA? I don't need no damn AA! I just sink the carrier instead!!" Tier 4 matches with Carriers on the other team rewards aggressive/sneaky play, and punishes keep-away play. This obviously changes when better AA and better torp craft comes into play. As for the planes themselves: - It is entirely reasonable to shout OP when the torps hit you. Unfortunately for the CV player, they get to do this at most 10 times. The DPS simply isn't there especially for a blue corner CV player. It is why they always try to go for lone targets: if they don't, they get crap-all for damage that game, and very little XP. It's also why they go after injured ships: taking out the injured BB is better than taking on the fresh BB. This naturally inflates their kill count out of proportion to other ships....Which makes it seem as if they 100-to- Zero that many ships. But isn't. The truth usually is that they DON'T ACTUALLY do that much damage in context of the whole game. - a person in here mentioned carrier's map control, that they can pick and choose his fights. Well... Have I got news for you: (1) the point above, the one about DPS? The more a CV hangs back for the perfect target, the less damage he's going to do the entire game. Most newbie CVs go on an "attack attack attack" bent because of that. (2) planes may be fast, but they still take 1~2 minutes to traverse halfway across a tier 4 map. And every minute takes away from their 10 attacks per game limit. If they reach a zone and the targets porcupines up with (the few) effective AA, that might just be one less attack run for the CV player that game as he is forced to look for better targets. . - this only kicks in in the higher tiers... But a good USN Cv can already force this in the lower tiers: all tier 4 carriers comes with only one "reload" of each plane type. Take out two squads of fighters, and a IJN carrier has next to f.all to deal with enemy fighters, for example. This is why taking out planes seems so useless (he just simply reloads!!) but at the same time so EFFING VITAL. If you can reduce his squads, he'll be forced to play conservatively, or face being a heavy capping paperweight. And why porcupining up can give a CV player pause: you're threatening that guy with a planeless game later. And torp craft playing conservatively are a lot easier to dodge. There's more. There's a lot more hidden stuff that you'd know only by playing a CV ... But this forum has something buggy going on when posting on an iPhone, so I'll stop here.
  7. DaNoob

    Something needs to be done with the carriers

    There's one ridiculously simple solution to low tier CVs: get a forward spotter/DD in range of the CV. That's it. Low tier CVs can and does run rampant against a fleet playing keep away, engaging at max ranges. But on the flip side low tier carriers are slow enough that getting spotted is an automatic death sentence, especially when there's a BB within range. There's a reason why low tier CVs loooooove to hide behind mountains, and why so many CVs die to an opening alpha strike: they can't do shit, movement-wise. Hell, they don't even have the movement speeds to follow ye standard lemming train. Some maps becomes death flags for low tier CVs because of this.
  8. DaNoob

    Something needs to be done with the carriers

    ... I am reminded of a quote from a Jingles video: "spotted torpedoes at long range is only good for nuking noobs, and nothing else" (paraphrased, kitakami video) Kiwi, all I can say is: get your ass in one of the CVs you venerate so much. Just like playing like a noob against carriers gets ships sunk, you'll be surprised how much playing like a noob hurts CV gameplay.
  9. DaNoob

    Something needs to be done with the carriers

    Do you want to talk hidden stats? Because there's plenty in a Cv. It's like you're hyperfocused get on all the things that's good in a carrier all over again.
  10. DaNoob

    Something needs to be done with the carriers

    That isn't even close to being enough to say "I know all the problems with a CV". Seriously.
  11. DaNoob

    Something needs to be done with the carriers

    That's balanced by the fact that CVs of that tier can't run for shit. Hell, the tier 4 USN CV barely breaks 20knots. Getting spotted by more than two ships in those death traps is an automatic death sentence. A death sentence dragged out in 2 to 3 minutes of agony-inducing torment.
  12. DaNoob

    Something needs to be done with the carriers

    With the amount of hate being thrown at CVs, the entirely different play style, the steep entry requirements to even getting one (going though BB to get one? LoL) and last but not least... Surprise surprise, the difficulty in getting enough XP to climb the tiers to get the higher leveled flat-tops... ...is it any wonder that there's "not enough players" in the higher tiers to populate both teams, AND the fact that every CV up there is a nuke button crewed by hellava experienced players?? There ARE PROBLEMS with CVs. Yes, I said it: they need a nerf or two. But in general this thread haven't even come close to identifying what I think IMO what is needed to fix them... Because there's too many people who automatically assumed CVs are OP without actually experiencing for themselves why.
  13. DaNoob

    Something needs to be done with the carriers

    ... ... Lemme quote myself, simply because it's not the first time this thread has occurred and a lot of stuff are just repetition of what has been said before. (The below is not an exact quote from the original; some parts have been fixed for grammar and mistakes, others so as to make the quote fit this thread better) At the end of the day, a carrier's design is that of a front loaded unit. Aka a sniper. Hidden, deadly, but pretty weak up close unless it gets lucky. If it isn't wrecking things in devastating blows at range, it isn't doing its job. And 'you' can crow until the cows go home about how unfair that is, but something that's supposed to do well at certain situations SHOULD do well. And Torp craft do well against BBs.... So... 'You' can also argue until Armageddon comes that it isn't fun to get blown sky high. Well, that depends, Fun is suggestive after all. Maybe I'm a dwarf fortress masochist for too long, but I can appreciate the techniques and tactics of the other guy wrecking myself out of the water. It's sorta like losing in chess: I lost, and I can feel bitter about it, and I have felt bitter at it, but I can also see the moves that the other guy did and appreciate it. Then I can and learn from it and do better next time. Then again, I'll have to recognize that 'fun' means different things to other people. Big numbers, lots of sunk ships, surviving after tanking hell, lots of rewards!! And sudden planes coming out of the sky to sink you "almost effortlessly" becomes a personal affront. But here's thing: you might not realize this, but the "anti fun" planes only have a sum total of maybe 10 runs in a 20 minute game, and that's not including maneuvering for position. That's at most 10 Anti-fun moments at most that can be see from literal (in-game) miles away, still can be negated by good maneuvering, and depleted by shooting planes down... In fact, CVs may have the highest frontloaded damage, but the lowest DPS in the entire game too. Plus you have your own OP ship on your side too. (Hopefully). And when put beside good BB/Cruiser/DD play, I'd say the game has a lot more fun than antifun... And of course, the next argument that comes up then is in response to the my "can be negated" part of the above: 'Bullshit. Torps are unavoidable!! Srsly!!' And again... Actually, I have to agree with you. Even if you're not outplayed, even given best case scenarios, you WILL eat a torp or three at the best of times. But them's the breaks: if something is shooting at you and you're not taking damage... It isn't good game deaign for the other guy now, is it?? A BB shooting at a cruiser out of its range, is that really unfair for the cruiser? Nope! It only just means the cruiser isn't playing to its strengths! But then again that's not the REAL meaning behind 'Torps are unavoidable!! Srsly!' now, is it?? The real meaning when 'you' complain so, is that "Torps completely wrecked my shit!! I can't fight if my BBs are at 1/5 HP after an enemy run!!" And yet I have an answer to that: you CAN avoid torps. You can avoid MOST of them. Just like chess, the CV player is always trying to put you in a double bind: lose this piece, or get checkmated. There's whole pages of torpedo-avoidance techniques, learn them. Don't get checkmated. Take your losses, minimize them, and move on. You're a BB for goodness sake, stop getting scared of scratched paint and move on!! And yet, a lot of times, every countermeasure we all do while sailing a ship against CVs isn't enough. Seriously, a BB on half health vs 4 torp planes buzzing in the sky... The outcome is obvious and unavoidable: the BB dies. (Unless we assume the carrier is an idiot, but let's not bring outliers in here shall we?) SSssoooo unfair, right? And once again, this means players have myopia. "Oh my god, a marine ball is better than zerglings!" "Oh god a shaman > a paladin!!" "(Edited), Monkeylords are so much better than Galatic Colosii".... The common thread to all these complaints is that: they're hyperfocused balance 'issues'. They're hyperfocused to the point of mockery. They're hyperfocused because there are other ships out there. Other ships that can deal with the carrier, that can provide a screen for fighters, that a good player can request other good players to move in escort, and negate some of the "ouch" that a carrier brings to the table. Hell, if there's an AWACS ship capable of shooting down BB shells, I'd want it beside me all the time too!! But 'you' then say: this is SEA Pubbies!! There's no way we'll cooperate with each other!! .... And THAT's the fact of the matter now, isn't it? To that, I basically will never have a good reply other than "what are YOU doing in a team?" And of course 'you' reply "sinking in a BB, no support nearby, CVs OP!!!' while not caring for the actual facts of how you got sunk. Aka complain first, teamwork later, personal glory > anything else. Case in point: why we no USN carriers?? Simple: no rewards. NO REWARDS. When a team wins a game everyone gets game-winning XP, but nooooo, personal game biggus numbers > making the team win. And SEA continues to herpy derpy throughout, with only a minority trying to make cooperation a thing. And carriers continue to highlight the HELL out of this problem, while all of us complains about the completely WRONG thing. And in the end when CVs receive a few more nerf bats? (count on it, it's coming) they will get it on all the WRONG places. Because we complained in all the wrong spots. Because personal glory. Profanity,Post Edited, User Warned ~lengxv6
  14. DaNoob

    Arkansas Needs AA - Who agrees

    And now who's misinterpreting who again?? Respect goes both ways. Seeing you're posting as you are recently, 'it's best if I stop here.
  15. DaNoob

    Why is it Atago?

    You do realize that you just called Atago incompetent? *steps aside to let the horde of angry fans through*