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  1. Vanguisher88

    DDs getting Sledgehammered, what now?

    The smoke changes doesnt affect DDs at all.The smoke changes only increase their detection range between 2.5km-2.8km when firing from smoke which will not affect DDs at all unless they pope smoke too close to an enemy ship which is mainly the player's fault in the first place.IFHE will give them a bonus +1% fire chance for 139mm guns and below.Aircraft will still unable to spot DD in smoke even if they fire. Tell me again how the DDs are affected by this?
  2. Vanguisher88

    Operation Aegis PvE Guide (June 16)

    Of course they are only going to be max T6 ships obviously.
  3. Vanguisher88

    Cat is here!

    He should be able to transfer to any IJN ships without penalty according to some leaks.We will know for sure tommorow.
  4. Vanguisher88

    Cat is here!

  5. Vanguisher88

    Cat is here!

    Finally the Mikasa has some actual use for once!
  6. Vanguisher88

    ASIA Q&A, round 1

    Hello SubOctavian!I didnt expect you to come here.You are usually at reddit,EU and NA forums 1)Will there be any major upgrade to the game engine in the near future? 2)Does the game engine limit the developer's ability to fix a bug,improve game mechanics(such as AA) and adding new game mechanics and contents? 3)Are the developers currently satisfied with the game engine performances?Do they ever felt the need for a more powerful and capable game engine? 4)Any ETA for USN CL line? 5)I heard there was some talks about improving the shooting mechanics a few months ago to make it more skill oriented?Currently,the shooting mechanics are very random and inconsistens which sucks away the gameplay experiences even though this may has made the game more balance.Do the devs have any plans to improve shooting mechanic experience by making it less RNG-dependent and more skill oriented?
  7. Vanguisher88

    Des Moines armor buff :D

    Well,did you try to check out the Des Moines's armour layout in the public test?Noticed any differences?
  8. Vanguisher88

    German DDs Worth It In 0.6.3

    Well,for NA & EU playerbase,they do or at least they think BB is quite stronger than the other classes.
  9. Vanguisher88

    Ping spike or lag

    With 5k ping,Im definitely not going to play this week.
  10. Vanguisher88

    Stop telling people ranked is P2W PLEASE!

    I do pretty much fine in RB by just using ARP Myoko clones.Easily get to R11 in 2 or 3 days. offtopic: -What are the prizes for players who only managed to reach R1 in season 6 besides the camou and 2.5k doubloons?
  11. Vanguisher88

    Lag spikes and disconnects right now...

    So,Im not the only person who also experienced this.
  12. Vanguisher88

    Things In The Game That Needs To Be Changed

    Am I the only one who dont mind the +/- 2 MM spread that much?Sure the T5 will struggle against T7 ships but they can still deal a lot of damage against them if played right.Besides,I think T5 BBs have the easiest time because most of the T7 ships they encountered are T7 cruisers.I strongly disagree only Konig is the playable ship in the current MM.All T5 ships are playable against T7 ships,its just take a bit more effort and smart play to do well.
  13. Vanguisher88

    is texas worth buying?

    If full price,probably not but with discount,hell yeah!I only recommend the Texas for anyone who is already familiar with the slow USN BB line and couldnt afford the Arizona.She will constantly met T7 ships but Im not bothered with it because a T5 BB can still easily wreck T7 DDs,T7 cruiser and T7 BBs if they show their broadside.In fact I welcome the challenge and you can earn more credits and xp for shooting higher tier ships.
  14. Vanguisher88

    More nerfs needed for Mutsuki

    Not sure if its serious,sarcasm or advance sarcasm.
  15. A glorious day it was for me sailing the Iowa when I had to defend base A from 2 Izumo.After a long time and didnt do any contribution for the team due to misplaced position,I charged forward into base A hoping I will at least take down 1 enemy ship with me and both he and I were prepared to die!However,I barely survived the ram with less than 5% HP remaining (thanks to the die-hard flag) and I narrowly avoided getting killed by the 2nd Izumo whom I later rammed into him and we both died. The ramming sequences