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  1. dear wargaming,

    i have an idea about submarine project in WoWS. certainly, i'm not sure this works out or not but i hope you read it.

    here is my idea: the mission of submarines are assault, so we need to put them high camouflage, especially when they dive, maybe better than destroyer.  but when they fire they have to go up and easy to be spotted. they fire from the front with only 2 or 3 torpedoes,with the speed and damage as same as other torpedoes in game now. definitely, they would have low HPs, a little bit slow and don't have main battery. although in reality, they could dive deeply to evade torpedoes but in my opinion, the game doesn't need it, we let it be a way to destroy sub. however, we could put some technical strategy when the sub go up they might get shot from the battery and evade them when they go down. now it might get the balance.

    the submarine maybe put some complexity to the gameplay but i don't think it could be a big problem for you and other players. thanks for reading and hope to receive your answers soon. wish u the best