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  1. Dear Mam

    I am Shubhankar Dasgupta user name Shubhankar_650 wants to give you a round of applause that your game World Of Warships si reaching high feet. Mam I request you that if any public test update comes for test will you allow me to test the update as soon as possible.


    Shubhankar Dasgupta 

    User name Shubhankar_650

    server: WOWS ASIA 

  2. Elphaba

    [PH] Wargaming Gift Grab

    Sorry about that. I'd apparently sent it to your WOT inbox. I'll send it again.
  3. Elphaba

    [PH] Wargaming Gift Grab

    I did send you a PM about it last week.
  4. Elphaba

    [PH] Wargaming Gift Grab

    Please make sure that you include the dash (-) when you enter the bonus code. Also, you can only use bonus codes from this series once. If someone already gave you a code, you won't be able to use another one from the same series.
  5. Elphaba

    [PH] Wargaming Gift Grab

    Prizes for most of those affected by the mix-up have been sent. I will message the players whose correct prizes have not yet been sent privately.
  6. Elphaba

    [PH] Wargaming Gift Grab

    Update: We've found that some players were sent incorrect prizes. I personally apologize for this since I was the one who handled the creation of the waybills. I'm still checking how many players are affected and will get back to you guys soon.
  7. Elphaba

    [PH] Wargaming Gift Grab

    I just checked and there was apparently no one available to receive it during the first delivery attempt. Anyway, will PM you the tracking number.
  8. Elphaba

    [PH] Wargaming Gift Grab

    PM sent.
  9. Elphaba

    [PH] Wargaming Gift Grab

    Hopefully it doesn't take that long.
  10. Elphaba

    [PH] Wargaming Gift Grab

    Shipments have FINALLY been picked up! Expect them to arrive by next Wednesday (14 Feb) at the latest. If they still haven't arrived, please send me a PM on Thursday (15 Feb) to let me know so that I can check.
  11. Elphaba

    [PH] Wargaming Gift Grab

    Replied to both of your PMs. Also, we'll be printing out the waybills now so no more changes to mailing details will be entertained (except for Feecof since I'm still waiting for his reply).
  12. Elphaba

    [PH] Wargaming Gift Grab

    Replied via PM.
  13. Elphaba

    [PH] Wargaming Gift Grab

    Hoodies and T-shirts have arrived! We'll start sending them out next week so we hope they get to you guys very soon.
  14. Elphaba

    [PH] Wargaming Gift Grab

    The mailing details form has been re-opened for the 3 players who still haven't submitted their mailing details. This will remain open only until 3pm (PH time) of 23 January 2018 (Tue).
  15. Elphaba

    [PH] Wargaming Gift Grab

    Hi, guys A bit of good news and bad news. Good news is the samples have FINALLY been delivered. Click on the thumbnail to view, lighting isn't to great because of the morning sunlight coming in from the window and my phone's camera isn't exactly the best. Bad news is that estimated time for delivery of the shirts and hoodies to our office is 6 February. We're coordinating with the supplier to see if they can send them in batches instead of delivering all at the same time. We'll keep you posted on the developments.