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  1. jisgae

    Any one here?

    wow that sudden transition in language
  2. jisgae


    what would happen if a battleship sailed right above a submarine?
  3. sir uggboot mentioned "you must have 10 messages to post or 30 days from registration". This could be a (mis)translation of "you have to have been registered for 30 days or have posted 10 messages in the forums for inboxing to become available"? i was just wondering if this is true?
  4. had to crop this screenshot because apparently there's a global upload quota
  5. how did you guys get the link to that contest page? i got it the facebook contest link from World of warships on twitter?
  6. it seems as if some of us have different winner lists? but how does that work? i got that facebook contest link based on the post World of Warships @WoWs_Asia?
  7. This is what i see on: https://www.facebook.com/WorldofWarshipsID?brand_redir=1 [update] Congrats to the following players for winning a pair of CBT codes! YoumuKonpaku Kamarashi99 jisgaeV_Yaka TTK_Yunus
  8. Yeah Hi there! i too have won the facebook contest with the name [jisgae] and am personally new to forums(mentioned in the comment i had no idea how to operate them but thanks anyway wargaming i freaking love you seriously thanks for the code!! ...*ahem* can someone explain how this whole thing works because based on the little icon of the letter labeled "Messenger" i have not received an invite?