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  1. Psike81

    WG failed to clamp down on BOT

    Just lost a match, super pissed off after doing some profile research. 3x EFFIN BB BOTS ! Naturally it cost me any chance of proper win. Look out for names FRGT_Lexington, Ma1193 and MottoFukaku its going to slow me down, and unfortunately EFF the rules if this post gets taken down !
  2. Psike81

    Design A Patch submission

    Patch Name: No Chicken WG IGN: Psike81 Despite described as "chicken of the sea" this patch is neither a chicken nor will back down like a chicken ! More coming
  3. Psike81

    Junk in storage 1:1200 scale ships

    This is actually quite impressive. They in proper storage / display now ?
  4. Battle of North Cape in the game client says ends in X days. However website says the campaign ends Jan 19. This seems to be a mismatch by at least one day. So which applies ?
  5. Psike81

    [MY] Battle for Dunkirk

    Are you saying we need "5 Devastating Strikes in 1 Random Battle" or "5 Devastating Strikes in Random Battle" ? Please clarify.
  6. Psike81

    ASIA Players

    Was kinda wondering about it myself (not that I can do anything), but its like 40% population drop ! Wow!
  7. Happening again now ... about 11:10pm (UTC +8) 28th Feb 2017, rejoined, started another random and got DC-ed again.
  8. Psike81

    Kick from game and return to a draw game.

    Same thing happening now (as of 11:10pm) today 28 Feb 2017
  9. Psike81

    Tips on what shell to use.

    Direct from Wargaming ....
  10. Psike81

    Carrier guide for beginners.

  11. A simple guide born out of the frustration to most CV captains I've seen and being a beginner one myself' maybe some sharing may improve gameplay. (I hope ... ) Step 1. DON'T HIDE IN THE CORNER ! Simply because EVERYBODY knows you're there. They may not see you yet, but it narrows down where they need to look and send the bombers. Also hiding behind an island may block level line of sight, but since planes ignore terrain its only a matter of time until you are spotted. Step 2. Learn the AUTOPILOT Having established that staying in a corner isn't a great idea, this means you should get moving. But steering a ship and coordinating planes will take alot of multi-tasking and hotkey effort. So to lighten the load ... Use ship-autopilot ! Setup a course following your teammates with waypoints, slow or fast it just means a) you are not in the same spot than before hence it may take enemies longer to find you or get closer to you. b) you are closer to teammates who can help or escort you c) you are closer for returning planes and hence shortening attack times. d) at least you are moving than starting at zero speed. It helps to minimise torpedo and bomb hits, Step 3. Battle awareness. Because you can launch planes, and they move faster than ships ... means you have additional duty to find where the enemy is, If you know where the enemy is before they know where you are, as a CV you can avoid them better. As any other ship, with the information provided to then setup your attack formation better. This is especially important in the early phase of battle because if enemy DDs are found and destroyed early ... the battle can shift in your team's favour fast. (Not foolproof advice, but the key is giving your team the knowledge to react properly) Step 4. The attack. Attacking is what a CV can do well, but its down here instead of being the top piece of advice. Why? Because if you can preserve yourself well, then its easier to concentrate on the attack part. When attacking, try to aim for 'loners' (preferably BBs and CVs) for the simple reason that its much easier to eliminate enemies who cannot protect themselves well. You have your protection secure then attack, they don't have their protection secure they become prey to you. Another thing about attacking is that its a process in itself ... i) move planes through the best gaps in defense ii) estimate plane to target approach iii) setup attack ahead of approach point iv) try to ensure planes can come back alive That's enough for the moment ... I'm not too experienced a CV captain, however I do hope that its something to start improving the play quality of anyone starting CV. For vid reference ... you can watch some guides from generous early players (included below)
  12. Psike81

    Carrier Positioning Guide.

    Dear Langley + Hosho captains ... (and also Bouge + Zuiho captains). A critical piece of advice if not already highlighted by the above is. DO NOT SPAWN CAMP JUST BECAUSE YOU CAN ! Just because your ship can project firepower over terrain, doesn't mean you stay at the back with bow to an island. Just because you have your own AA, doesn't mean you can stay at the back of the island. Just because you are in the rear of the fleet, doesn't mean you're last to be attacked. Simply because ... By default as a carrier (CV), everybody wants to kill you first ! Hiding behind an island at the back of the map is where enemies will LOOK FIRST for you! (you have become that predictable) Hiding at the back denies yourself help from teammates. I've played CA, CV, DD etc ... and the reasons for each are CA/CL can provide AA, but they can't babysit your ass as the main firepower is 155mm and above. Means you're denying teammates their full use in battle. CV ... although you risk being spotted by moving forward. Its better being spotted in the middle of your teammates than being spotted alone. DD ... AA too weak, and typically DDs are offensive ships. So again, it doesn't do so well babysitting a CV. Finally ... my simple advice to wrap this up. Please follow your teammates where they go as a fleet. You live longer and I (personally) am tired of trying to bail your ass out when the enemy fleet comes from another flank while you are stationary. (Angry rant, my apologies but dammit you people need to learn this game faster)
  13. Psike81

    Plane Squadron behavior glitch ?

    I've been getting this alot ... Fighters freeze in mid-air on single location to give free kills to enemy carrier squadrons. While hanging in mid-air, its unresponsive to any commands. System acknowledges command but does not execute.