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  1. TSilverwing

    Hall of Fame 2017-Q2!

    Mahan 3169 Base EXP
  2. TSilverwing

    Hall of Fame 2017-Q2!

    Oh.. I get it, She is automatic 50% EXP by paint. Maybe, I confuse because,the Hall of frame Q1 Kamikaze in this topic: http://forum.worldofwarships.asia/index.php?/topic/21948-hall-of-fame-q1-2017/page__pid__283964#entry283964
  3. TSilverwing

    Hall of Fame 2017-Q2!

    First time for me to join community event, please to meet you all. My 2600+ base exp game in chapavey and mahan don't have personal and Detailed Report tab (want to cry). Kamikaze R - 2408 (9/04/17) Personal Tab Team Score Detailed Report
  4. TSilverwing

    are BBs OP (let's put it up to a vote)

    In my opinion it's between "Yes" and "NO". BB's are slightly OP, such as: - Too many HP in high tier (7-10) with armor compare to CA. The CA must take too much time to sink BB even do burning them (with risk many citadel shot return). - Rudder shift time and engine accelerate not too slow, they can do a little kite for improve angle or "W" and "S" too evade some bullet or even evade guessed torpedo. This a little OP's to cover their weak-point the heavy depend on "RNG" 1) One-on-One situation, BBs are too much depend on RNG: They can one shot anything with 1 salvo (even AP on DD),or cannot do any significant damage in entire game (miss-water/over-pen even below 10 KM). DD are not too very dangerous for BB, if they know approximate DD location and guess torp direction. They cannot do search and destroy DD mode (except some BB) just leave DD alone and go to other target. 2) Team situation, it's up too play style: but in ASIA meta trend to kite and snipe as other people said, they don't help other too much in fend off enemy for team to cap or tank some damage for team. The problem is sniping is very depend on super RNG even already do the best aim, will the bullet hit?, will the salvo with good dispersion (spread)?, will they go not to over-pen?, and will they lite fire (If use HE)? Many player may feel it OP because this RNG, they can one shot anything or they can citadel me in 15KM even bow position. For me, some time RNG on BB goes stupid such as: Salvo for Bismark at 8KM target: 4 of bullet goes to water and 4 of bullet go to superstructure (over-pen). Or 40 HE spam from BB do not lite any fire in game.
  5. TSilverwing

    AFK ship

    I know about OP's feeling, but sometime they have urgent, which they must do immediately. In my case, I seldom do AFK, if something urgent happen such as: - Urgent work phone (out of regular work time), with need attention immediately. - My cat getting hit by car!! (3 of my cat dead by this even I already bought to hospital) - My mom get accident (by any mean, fall + etc.) But when I must to do AFK, I always tell every body in game: Sorry, urgent AFK. The thing I want to tell is: - Some people have real urgent, but they should tell their team. At-least the remaining player will known and not push (if you are near them). - For the people who AFK form start of the game without tell anything....... should have some penalty (They start game with not ready them-self).
  6. Ok, I already get it. IFHE help penetrate and do damage to parts of ship they don't normally penetrate like yansuki said, but if not pen it still do only 0 damage. Thank you very much.
  7. Thanks for the answer. I'll test trop reload time again. Maybe the countdown time of torpedo tube still bug when I testing (I test just right when patch come out with still has bug about 25 gold per 1 skill point reset). ----------------------------------------------------------- Thanks. I already read his table and another one with YNN and YYN format (Those were Penetrate mechanic without angle), but no one provide about damage calculator when HE hit the armor (Alpha damage with armor thickness), which I suspect. ------------------------------------------------------------ Tested Adrenaline Rush - Already effect Torpedo reload time (Test at 3:24 AM 21/1/2017).
  8. TSilverwing

    Adrenaline rush reload calculator

    Basically this skill effect reload time by percentage, every ship will have equal proportion in reload time reduce (because it's percentage). But only suitable by some ship (not die too fast) or player has good intention to evade/hide.
  9. ** Skill Description from Patchnote not from in game ** 1. Preventive Maintenance: -30% to the risk of incapacitation of modules. Does this skill effect AA and secondary gun? (if effect AA, I think this skill will good for BB specialize in AA) 2. Adrenaline Rush: increases reload speed of all armaments as the ship's HP decreases -0.2% to reload time of all types of armament for each 1% of HP lost. As many thread this skill was confirm to not active with secondary gun at this moment (but it'll implement in next patch). The question is: Does it active with Torpedo tube? (As I'm testing, It does not active for torpedo reload time.) Do they implement next patch? (need someone confirm before the resetting skill event end, to choose to keep it for waiting next patch or remove it.) 3. Inertia Fuse for HE Shells (IFHE): it will increase the armour penetration capacity of HE shells fired from both main and secondary battery guns, at the expense of decreasing the probability of setting the enemy ship on fire. -3% to chance of fire on target caused by HE shell +30% to the armour penetration capacity of HE shells Does this skill increase HE damage if not Pen? (This will increase average DMG of HE with reducing fire chance). I suspect this because normal HE calculate damage when the shot hit ship, if that zone has good armor HE damage will reduce significantly (this why low alpha damage in HE from akizuki deal 0 damage very often), but with this skill I don't sure about it mechanic to calculate damage (I saw akizuki and atlanta melt BB in 1-2 minute). Thanks for everyone who answer.
  10. TSilverwing

    Ship with >500 Random Battle

    Mahan 696 Battle with 65.09% winrate. She not a bad ship as many player said (>_<) [ฺbut not great, just so so.].
  11. TSilverwing

    Why did we redesign Commander skills

    If that's case, it's acceptable to me too.
  12. TSilverwing

    Why did we redesign Commander skills

    My Opinion for the main topic: 1. Skill Radio Direction Finding, may cause problem to DD. - May ruin Torp DD game play by give proximate position of incoming torp. - May reduce survive-ability of all DD if use by ship with radar equipment (They can aim their gun to right position before use Radar, and they can choose to use radar when the closet DD is not in/near island cover.) *This severe problem if only one DD is present close by, but if two or more they can use lure tactic or etc. to fake other DD position (with not give equality between the one's who lure [risk to death without exp] and one's who damage dealer [free EXP with no harm], this may harm team play if no one want to lure). 2. The 2 catapult fighter - Do torp hit rate not low enough?. This skill will make slow torp (below 60 knot) very hard to hit more. -------------------------------------------------- For the IJN DD contest at cap zone: 1. It's depend on situation (external factor) for IJN DD to do contest in CAP, such as: - Our number in back up, how far of them, what type of ship in back up, has they have radar?, and how skillful/play style of our player (can barely measure after already engage in first encounter, ie: accuracy, behavior[Defensive, Aggressive], and main ship target[sometime no one support shooting at DD, but focus fire on BB]) - Enemy number in back up, how far of them, what type of ship in back up, has they have radar?, and how skillful/play style of their player (can barely measure after already engage in first encounter, ie: accuracy, behavior, and main ship target) 2. If 1 on 1 fight not recommend for standard IJN torp ship (exclude Akitsuki and Yugumo [for Shima keep her safe is better choice even her gun is good]), just do spotting as much and they can, and try to engage at last resort (with stem position is best) because: - DPS is lower than other nation gun boat (even accuracy is better than USN due to better shell ark). - Slow turret traverse with cannot keep up with maximum there evasion. And new better rate of fire severe their evasion more by make them lower their evade, if want to maximum fire rate with slow turret traverse. - Don't have enough speed for easy disengaging (dead sentence if Kiev are followed). *Other than this is up to individual play style. Their no true or fault, but varies efficiency depend on the situation.
  13. TSilverwing

    How to de-arp my game?

    ARP is short version of Appeggio. Full name is: Appeggio of Blue steel (蒼き鋼のアルペジオ Aoki Hagane no Arupejio). It's manga in japan (comic book in term of US), which adapted to animation (cartoon in term of US).
  14. TSilverwing

    Balancing DDs... is it even possible?

    If summarize about 5.15 reshuffle -This patch was buff damage output of JPN DDs and lower their survivability. - The buff damage output such as; 1) Increase rate of fire with same old DPS - it will help people with poor aiming to increase/average their chance to hit, but in the case of elite player that very accurate, this'll make them lost some alpha damage when shoot at well armour ship. 2) Torp Reload Booster - some ship has this option with no downside in extra slot (Shiratsuyu), This's surely buff damage output. 3) Lower some ship tier - Fubuki to tier 6 and kagero to tier 8. In Fubuki case tier 6 with 9 torp and 4 gun is increas potential of tier 6 IJN DD (old muttsuki has 2 gun at hull B/ but good rate of fire). But in kagero case, it's not completly buff when compare to old Fubuki, these two has different play style (due to 2 vs 3 launcher). - The lower their survivability such as (you already know); 1) Bad Detection Range in Fubuki and Akatsuki. This is main problem, that's why many people talk about CE or suggest to use high level captain. Form my experience with Mahan (with/without CE) with 595 battle and 66% win rate, I can tell that's CE is a must have skill if you want to play well in DD with bad camo ship (multi-roles torp + DD search). 2) Increase fire rate of JPN DD - This's two edge sword, it's give chance/average of hits, but it's make ship less maneuver due to slow turret traverse, and must do more straight sailing to let turret keep up (If want maximum firing speed). 3) Remove Long Range Torpedo - Only 10 km torp left means you must go at least 8 Km to make torp contract the sail away ship (or < 8 if a fast ship) and remove ability to sniping the snipe BB. Another risk occur when trying to fire Torp to overlaps two movement target (first line and second line), the 10 km torp is very risk to do because normally 1-st and 2nd line will stay around 2 km distance. With the reason above: some player may suitable for new balance and some player will not, this why they don't have the same opinion. For me: AFT + invisfire of IJN DD is not problem, If they do invisfire it's mean they are not going to trop you for a long time, or torp you with very bad accuracy due to very far away (which is their best strength). Yes hydro is big issue for people hanging in smoke, but Radar is NOT. In Dominate game mode (Capture), radar was very problem if only 1 team has them, it's very hard to control capture area if their hanging around. Another problem is game with many radar (4 + radar in every team), this's can call a battle of 9KM+ for DD. The 5.4 detection range in kagaro is not too good, because she's tier 8 with many of CA has radar in tier 8 - 10. It's mean if you want to accurate torp you must go near, but if you go near and been counter with random press radar, it's the end for you (some people do random radar when behide island/or sail at open sea, if they guess DD is near even without spotted or seen smoke).
  15. Maybe he mean large Turning circle radius.