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  1. apanusorna

    Cannot access CoE Giftshop

    Wow... Thx.
  2. apanusorna

    Cannot access CoE Giftshop

    [uPDATED] "Due to technial issues, the Giftshop was closed earlier than the announced time. For this, the Giftshop has now been reopened until 22/05/2017 21:00 UTC+8." https://worldofwarships.asia/en/news/announcements/clash-of-the-elements-end/ Thx, WG.
  3. Idk if there was something weird in warships.today stat and if Co-op battle result was also counted toward. Anyway, The reward for winner is not quite interesting for me.
  4. apanusorna

    Aircrafts bug

    Seems this bug haven't been fixed yet. I also got this bug. My Ranger's FT squadron were always hit by something and kept falling down with no reasons, even they just left from my Ranger's deck. My replay : https://www.dropbox.com/s/auie9ccd85aa3yc/20150921_002348_PASA010-Ranger-1944_15_NE_north.wowsreplay?dl=0 Just found another thread like this : http://forum.worldofwarships.asia/index.php?/topic/9006-small-warning-about-strafing/ http://forum.worldofwarships.asia/index.php?/topic/9091-ft-have-dead-itself-no-hit-from-enemy/
  5. apanusorna

    Getting lag and disconnected after patch.

    After playing some matches, Mine is also back to normal now. Thanks for fixing the problem, WG.
  6. apanusorna

    1000MS LAG

    Maybe, you haven't detailed your problem enough so he's annoyed to see the post like this. However, he shouldn't post like this.
  7. FIXED after the emergency maintenance : http://worldofwarships.asia/en/news/announcements/maintenance-announcement-20150804/ http://forum.worldofwarships.asia/index.php?/topic/7992-482015-sudden-server-downtime/ After the patch, I played my Bogue, got lag and disconnected 10+ times in one game. My friend and other people playing CV seems to get this problem, too. I played other ships and it seems to have some delay when firing the main batteries but I didn't get disconnected like playing my CV. Since this patch is going to fix CV problem, it seems that the patch itself is the reason. patch notes : http://worldofwarships.asia/en/news/announcements/ver-0405-patchnotes/ Sign here if you get this problem, too. :3 Moderator's thread : http://forum.worldofwarships.asia/index.php?/topic/7986-reporting-lag-issues/ Link to other threads : http://forum.worldofwarships.asia/index.php?/topic/7959-1000ms-lag/ http://forum.worldofwarships.asia/index.php?/topic/7961-constant-log-outs/ http://forum.worldofwarships.asia/index.php?/topic/7964-massive-difference-between-the-server-ping-and-in-game-ping/ http://forum.worldofwarships.asia/index.php?/topic/7967-lagg-and-disconet/ http://forum.worldofwarships.asia/index.php?/topic/7970-whats-wrong-with-asia-server/ http://forum.worldofwarships.asia/index.php?/topic/7973-200000-ping-lag-after-given-input/ http://forum.worldofwarships.asia/index.php?/topic/7974-the-highest-latency-ive-ever-seen-in-my-life/ http://forum.worldofwarships.asia/index.php?/topic/7979-lag-with-the-atago/ http://forum.worldofwarships.asia/index.php?/topic/7988-firing-lag-045/ http://forum.worldofwarships.asia/index.php?/topic/7997-ping-over-9000-and-server-exploded/