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  1. vardald

    A few suggestions

    Maybe it will. It was just an idea I had bouncing around in my head. I suppose it would only prevent people who thought about what they were doing anyway, and if they're thinking they're probably not spamming torpedos. As an added question, is there any reason that I keep getting logged out every time I go to a different page, or should I just try a different browser (currently using IE). Thanks
  2. vardald

    A few suggestions

    I'm not saying that torps are OP, I just think something should be done to stop your team filling the water with torpedos for no reason, causing trouble for the team. It seems to be fairly common that people launch torpedos at nothing. They shoot at nothing to, but that's not as much as a problem as the shells don't hang around; although limiting ammo could be an idea as well.
  3. vardald

    A few suggestions

    Hi all, This is my first time posting, but as this is the beta test I have a few ideas that I thought I'd see what people thought of. One of the big problems that I've seen is torpedo spam, even when there's nothing spotted or in torpedo range. This is really annoying when your own teammates launch torpedos with no regard for the rest of their team. One idea I had was to put a limit on the number of torpedos carried. This at least might make people think twice before launching torpedos at nothing as they could then run out when they need them. This would of course need to be tested for balance, and each ship would probably carry a different amount. On a different topic, another idea that I had was to implement an aiming line, similar to the artillery trajectory line in WOT, to the main guns of ships. this would make it easier to tell if your shots were going to hit an island, or even another teammate, as currently it can sometimes be tricky to tell if all of your turrets have a clear shot, particularly on larger ships. The line could possibly be colour-coded - for example, green means that the shell definitely won't hit anything, yellow means that there is a possibility depending upon dispersion and red means the shot is blocked. Thanks for taking the time to read this - it seemed shorter in my head. Let me know what you think of these ideas, and maybe any changes you would make to them.