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  1. mux2000

    Query about Torpedo aim assist

    ahead shot next to direction of front ship up to thier speed
  2. mux2000

    Battleships Last Word.jpg

    submarine >>
  3. mux2000

    Japan or USA Destroyers?

    more torpedoes should play>> japan side
  4. mux2000

    Do you have sound lag?

  5. mux2000

    Plane leave battle area

    I founded my plane fly out off map for some game
  6. mux2000

    Friendly fire? RAGE QUIT!

    Send Ticket to admin
  7. mux2000

    Wait For Another Chance to play WOW'S

    I think it soon for u
  8. mux2000

    Over Power Torpode 1 Hit Destroy Battleship

    on this test period, I don.t met this even
  9. mux2000

    What are you reason's playing WOW'S?

    ship is slow move play for relax
  10. mux2000

    Japan or USA Destroyers?

    I like Both it get dif feeling
  11. smoot to play should be cpu i5 and up Graphic card Gefroce 740 and up ram on 8gb
  12. During I played all the games are smooth in display ,but sometime some target invisible for small ship in some frames when I zoom in targets (like TD in wot ) and should be add menu for look past record of battles