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  1. HeidimarieW

    Which ship is the origin of german cruiser Roon?

    And I'm just so surprised to see Melon for a sec.
  2. HeidimarieW

    German BBs Dispersion

    KMS main here, I don't really see any problems with the dispersion in general. Although sometimes it can be trollish and rob you some important plays in certain matches, but even with less accurate guns, you still have pretty good shell speed and volume of fire from main battery reload to compensate for bad aiming/shell grouping. and sometimes that weird dispersion leads you to some lucky hits, in a sense it helps but don't depend on it.
  3. HeidimarieW

    Tirpitz sorrow

    Relatively, I got pretty much a balance experiences with both Bismarck and Tirpitz, some T8s, T9s and some T10s games but don't really see much of a problem playing them, uptiered or not, these are secondaries kaptain btw. Hate to admit it but I love club T6s in them, if mm really give me toptier game. My problems are with Scharn not so much with Gneis, as she does faced a certain amount of T9s from my experiences.
  4. HeidimarieW

    Whats your favourite camouflage?

    Gamescom camo (black and red one), hunter (Atlantic theme camo), azur lane siren camo is also nice and other German perma camo with rust remove mod sorry about the flag mod tho if you also count modded skins there is a Hipper, Prinz, Tirpitz and Bismarck Kantai collention theme camo by SEA group, not the overly weeb ones but more like this
  5. HeidimarieW

    Stock Bayern Biggest POS In Game

    Depends on your taste. imo the line still works all the way to T10 but doesn't suit the current meta that much. Kind of similar to German DDs. Been with the line since it was released long time ago, I say if you really don't like the wonky dispersion then just switch line. While Gnei's dispersion is identical to Bismarck's, Bismarck has 8 guns you are stuck with 6 guns with trollish dispersion. You'll see your salvos deviated more from where you aim especially with only 6 shells. It won't get any better, unless it's GK where she made up with the dispersion with more volume of fire. Although those 12 shells might sometime distorted by time-space, and land harmlessly in the water nearby. The worst grind of the line is FDG for me, after that, I really love my Greater Kurrywurst and got a pretty decent stats with her even with secondary build.
  6. HeidimarieW

    Bad luck b̶r̶i̶a̶n̶ Bayern

    In my honest opinion, German BBs below T7 are better with CE. Current engagement range and server meta don't allows that brawling screnarios that often, it would be better off to build tank/conceal build. Remember, you still have to face T8 and with that small secondary range there are better skills to take. If you plan to keep your captain at T6 ofc.
  7. HeidimarieW

    Dude! I got a Zao!

    Congrats, ... I guess?
  8. HeidimarieW

    I've done it.

    May OP forever blessed by detonation
  9. What about Hindenburg conceal?
  10. HeidimarieW

    Have IQ's dropped sharply?

    I don't understand two things. First, why would you care about someone calling you out if they're bad players. Just ignoring and blocking seems simple enough. Second, what's the point of bringing up Karma anyway. Maybe, farming more Karma points will give me better in-game RNG.
  11. HeidimarieW

    Regarding being made PINK!

    Don't torp when they're friendlies in the way, risk them hitting your torps, or forcing them to evade your torps. That's the first thing you have to consider. From a self centric perspective, teammates deliberately ran into your torps, sure, but hey, try thinking about the possibility that noone gonna expects torps coming from an unexpected direction.
  12. HeidimarieW

    new equip must viable with credit or gold

    A very constructive response, indeed.
  13. HeidimarieW

    new equip must viable with credit or gold

    Lemme try to paraphrase, It's already grindy to get T10, grind more for Legendary mods individually? (More grinding for Legendary mods) Legendary mod is bad, it's unbalance? Doesn't consider each ships characteristics, or even the game? (If legendary mod is bad, then u have the option of sticking to what you've been using) Stop buffing Zao, and nerfing USN CA (wut?) Division with CAs have high winrate (wat?) Buff Kurfürst (was zum Donnerwetter?), nerf Monqueror (Okay this make sense) When stop buffing Grozovoi. (I don't own the ship, did they kept buffing Grozo? From patchnote there're trade off, so not paticularly a buff?) And yes WG, pls buff Kurrywurst
  14. HeidimarieW

    Potato famine?

    What about T10 ones