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  1. Bad luck b̶r̶i̶a̶n̶ Bayern

    In my honest opinion, German BBs below T7 are better with CE. Current engagement range and server meta don't allows that brawling screnarios that often, it would be better off to build tank/conceal build. Remember, you still have to face T8 and with that small secondary range there are better skills to take. If you plan to keep your captain at T6 ofc.
  2. Dude! I got a Zao!

    Congrats, ... I guess?
  3. I've done it.

    May OP forever blessed by detonation
  4. Have IQ's dropped sharply?

    I don't understand two things. First, why would you care about someone calling you out if they're bad players. Just ignoring and blocking seems simple enough. Second, what's the point of bringing up Karma anyway. Maybe, farming more Karma points will give me better in-game RNG.
  5. Regarding being made PINK!

    Don't torp when they're friendlies in the way, risk them hitting your torps, or forcing them to evade your torps. That's the first thing you have to consider. From a self centric perspective, teammates deliberately ran into your torps, sure, but hey, try thinking about the possibility that noone gonna expects torps coming from an unexpected direction.
  6. A very constructive response, indeed.
  7. Lemme try to paraphrase, It's already grindy to get T10, grind more for Legendary mods individually? (More grinding for Legendary mods) Legendary mod is bad, it's unbalance? Doesn't consider each ships characteristics, or even the game? (If legendary mod is bad, then u have the option of sticking to what you've been using) Stop buffing Zao, and nerfing USN CA (wut?) Division with CAs have high winrate (wat?) Buff Kurfürst (was zum Donnerwetter?), nerf Monqueror (Okay this make sense) When stop buffing Grozovoi. (I don't own the ship, did they kept buffing Grozo? From patchnote there're trade off, so not paticularly a buff?) And yes WG, pls buff Kurrywurst
  8. Potato famine?

    What about T10 ones
  9. A case for the IJN

    Might as well input something. I still have this idea, that the concept of fun is a purely subjective matter. Part of it doesn't ties to only the performace of a paticualar line or nation alone, but how that line might appeal to individuals. Just like tiger tank syndrome in WoT, or that Thunder game. Making a line more fun will still very depended on each player, and a very objective approach to this issue might be near impossible to reach. We can't satisfy everyone. I started of with IJN the same as you, because I don't have interests in USN ships. I played BB, CA and DD. Zao is the only T10 Japanese I have but just a recent addition to my port, after my Hburg sitting in my port with 4m+ ship's xp. It isn't like that they're bad ships, I understand how strong the line can be if played properly, I just don't enjoy them as my Germans. Unlike you, I'm fully converted to the KM, slowly stopping IJNs, one line at a time. Out of the 3 lines, I enjoy CA line the most. Where Mogami still remained as my most sucessful ship on T8 ranked battles. When 6.8, I stopped grinding IJN BBs. I don't like the passive playstyle of high tier IJN BBs. Part of it might be because my Amagi performance is subpar compared to Bismarck or Tirpitz. Later IJN DDs when they nerf the borderline OP Mutsuki and introduced the gunbote line, I never have the urge to go back and grind Ducc. I find it hard to influence the match with IJN with my playstyles. Now, I just play them sometimes. Aqua wai
  10. A case for the IJN

    Can I stalk this post.
  11. bazz1027

    First of all, you don't need to worry about storage of your resources. All gain of these resources can be boosted, by various means. From premium time to flags and unique camos. I'll list all resources in the game, as much as I can think of. Credits - a general currency that you use to buy stuff with and automatically pay for ship maintenence after battles, (i.e. ships, ships modules, upgrades modules, premium consumables, 50 percent captain retainning) gain via just playing, premium ships (not elite ships) tends to have a higher gain rate. Xp's - there're 3 types Ship XP, use in research modules and unlocking new ships. Note: ties to a each specific ships you played, a fully research ship will earn elite status, regardless of you selling the ship the ship XP will remains there, but you will have to invest premium currency to convert into the next type. Free Experience, XP that can be use in general regardless of ships/techtree line or nations. A small percentage of gain XP each matches will be calculated into this, or you can convert ship's XP into free experience by using premium currency. Certain premiums can be earn using only Free experience. i.e. Musashi and Nelson Elite Commander XP, kind of similar to Free experience but used to level ship captains instead. There're no way of gainning it untill you have one 19 points captain. A fully maxed captain. I don't think I have to mention coal and steel, at least not yet. And doubloons, it's just premium currency. I think credits and ship XP are both straight forward, so I'll say general usage for free exp, is to stock it up for higher tiers usage, or unlock modules for stock ships that make it more playable.
  12. German destroyers and their 150mm guns

    Generally, I preferred 128s over 150s, I started German DD line pretty long ago and until recently that I'm starting to improve on them. Gaede is so much fun and workable with 150s, compare to Z23. You can still fight other DDs, face a lot more Light Cruisers in general, so grab those AP and show me those broadside, or burn down BBs with fires if they aim is bad enough. But for Gaede the numbers of guns doesn't change while Z23 I felt it's kind of forced to pick 150s. Higher tiers you'll have to play a lot safer, and your job as a DD to fight/contested the cap, I really want the have option of five 128s instead of the four 128s on Z23. The strong points of 128s are the buff from those skills, but I won't run those in on my KM capt. Where there are a lot more essential skills to take (i.e. Survivability Expert, Superintendent or other core DD skills), spending 7 points on gun/AA performance, I would disagree with gunnery AR builds with both BFT and AFT. Perhaps replace torpedo reload with BFT, but not AFT. That might work somehow. Still, if a sensible CV wanna drop on you I don't think those AA would help much tbh, this applies to Maass till Z52, esp T8+.
  13. What do I use my money for?

    Not one talk about Prinz yet? If you do enjoy YY and Mino then, I won't recommends Prinz. Also, you mentioned CCs that reviewed Prinz, so I'm guessing ichase, and Notser which are both NA CC. Remember NA meta doesn't quite work here. You might find, even with the buff repair heal charges that allows you to trade more, or make more risky moves. Main battery is a bit on the lacking side. Prinz is still a ship that need to try even harder to get good games. Especially with getting into T9-T10 matches which is not uncommon. An underwhelming choice. Atago is a much more better choice for T8 premium CA, if you're willing to spend money on, better conceal, better HE, better ship handling, better torps, better DPM. I think you might be more frustrated. Or just get Scharnhorst.