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  1. phutev

    Can not join the HSF collection on 0.7.1???

    I seem to be seeing the same thing, the missions are no longer in game (was only part way through) and the news page does not have the join button anymore.
  2. The P2W factor in WoWS is no less than WoT, if you were to ask me it's greater.
  3. I might play it but the business types will have a brainwave: 'why not have both?' Then it becomes the same situation, but with poorer players.
  4. phutev

    How to ibuki?

    I bought her during the sale and equipped her tonight for a couple of games. It seems as though the play is exactly like the Mogami 203 or an Atago really big edition when meeting Tier X. I typically tail a selected DD around as close as the concealment magic allows me to early game, punch some enemy DD's, and then just stay close, move around to exploit opportunities to support friendlies. Keep the health bar nursed to somewhere a bit above half. At a guess where you might be falling over is playing too rigidly. For example going into a game thinking ' I'm going to burn BB's all night long ' is only exploiting a small portion of what the platform can do and not really considering the scenario that builds in the game.
  5. phutev

    CB and WG Asia's huge mistake

    I'm pointing out a way that may satisfactorily meet WG's goals as well as permitting broader coverage of time zones covered by clan battle content. Annoying - or more specifically vague - MM queues will kill the content and the community without fail.
  6. phutev

    CB and WG Asia's huge mistake

    They just want to bunch up the queuing. Clocked queue slots may have been a way of allowing a wider spread of time slots. E.g slots every half hour during prime time and every one or so hours in the lead up hours with some queue dumping rules. Forcing people to be timely tends to work much better than letting them get bored in a queue that never fills.
  7. phutev

    Ples donate

    I found Shinonome to be pretty decent, I like it better than the Kamikaze actually. It's pretty much the same as the higher tier boats in handling so it was relatively easy to use for me. Although this has a downside, it's effective enough to be kind of boring to play.
  8. Thought this was going to be about two brothers. But as for yoloing, it has its possibilities, but without sufficient information it is no more than a gamble. It is not a kind of game that I like to play, but some others spend hours at a time paying to push a button on a random number generator for entertainment.
  9. phutev

    Server clash SEA vs EU details

    They showed some notable improvements in the latter rounds, whereas the Asia teams I felt were becoming complacent.
  10. Use pingplotter - freeware is sufficient - and ping worldofwarships.asia as well as worldofwarships.com and compare. You can post your results here for comment (you can remove the trace up to your own IP if you think that's necessary). The ping is dependent on how your ISP routes its traffic, if your ping is 100ms vs 220ms in game for Asia vs US then your ISP is almost certainly using a long route into Asia. 220ms displayed in game is more like 280-300ms real.
  11. phutev

    Server clash SEA vs EU details

    During the chat (on one of the streams) it was mentioned that some players had 350ms ping, although I'd expect many players would have been in the 180 to 250ms range (less approx 50ms if you read the in-game effective anti-lagged value) especially if they had been given access to a WTFast style VPN. More importantly though, there was no mention of whether they had packetloss (a.k.a red light) which IME is a much more significant issue.
  12. phutev

    Server clash SEA vs EU details

    During the stream Flamu was highly critical that the EU teams (or specifically UFR) did not do anything to check for ping issues on the server well before the match. Even if they couldn't use the press accounts for randoms they really should have opened their own and played something and raised the issue to WG well before this weekend. In top level competitive play a mistake is a mistake no matter how it came about.
  13. phutev

    I forgot what I was going to say

    But it is really the strategic result that makes radar formidable.
  14. phutev

    Halp my WTR

    Full AA build on ships that aren't commonly full AA build but still viable (e.g: Harekaze) and then 3man div with other ships that have sexy large AA bubbles and other general division based padding of results. Your WTR will Excellent in no time.
  15. phutev

    Sorry is the hardest word

    I haven't been accidentally torped in a while, but back when I was new I do recall times when I didn't even know what was happening. You'd launch torps out somewhere, you get some hits on an ally somewhere but the message is easily lost if you're in battle. If it happens these days I usually try to warn the other player and apologise before they're hit. A huge majority of the time they take evasive action - but of course you could only ever warn them if you type fast. Only really happens in some cases if you tunnel vision for a torp snipe to a smoke ball or something and some allies outside your frustrum decide to push out in the meantime, but in the Asia meta it's not common that anybody will be ahead of DD's... that's why CA's get most of the flak for second line torping accidents.