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  1. REDDIT40K 45000 activations for it. This is for r/worldofwarships Reddit sub reaching 40000 subs. Happy weekend

    Sants's christmas convoys

    i think so.Missions are in order from 1 to 8.Easy with fewer pins especially Task number 2(400k credits with paytago or triptz with premium account)
  3. Found these missions stats in the NA webpage.Assuming both NA and SEA gets the same events this year(lol EU got trolled again).I thought I would post the Final 8 missions required to unlock the t6 ships and camos because they could not be found on our server webpage. Thats a lotta grinding after 9th Jan 2017 till 18 th to get all the T6 ships and rewards.Happy christmas everyone.

    My experience having no good AA guns on my IJN DDs

    Meanwhile my khabarovsk avoids Co trops and bombers with its 45 knots. #addidastrackpants

    Captain skills for [content removed] DD's

    1)Bft 2)last stand 3)vigilance 4)Demo expert 5)Aft 6)SE 4X3 build for spamming and annoying BB.Run premium consumables.
  6. she looks good.i want Dasha commander voice mod pack.
  7. I have mutsucki, hatsuharu, fubuki. So I end up getting 3 commanders with reserve slots, 3 port slots with new ships, all the upgrades demounted, 3.1 mill credits.
  8. well you are not invited.Cant you see a tie hangin out.(british accent)
  9. I play HMS belfast by staying near an an island and spam HE.Sometimes due to unforeseeable circumstances I pop smoke due to enemy spotter planes.Two puffs of smoke that's it(not complaining).But friendly myoko decides to squeeze into my smoke by sailing in between the island and myself.Next volley I fire.I am hearing friendly fire will not be tolerated.I zoom out and see him burning near me.WTF.somehow my shells hit the friendly myoko.(he burns for 3k hp) This happens two to three times over the last week.On the third match (same situation:me playing Belfast, friendly edinberg walkes into my shells near the island)my hp reduces citing friendly damage.Please dont come near Rn cruiser inside smoke.So close that you dont end up eating damage.

    NERF the Belfast

    I love Belfast. The joy of pushing into smoke with hydro on and smashing dds. Fighting boardside CA with Ap. Poor t5 dd who has no clue on how radar works. This ship is 5/7

    How about multi player operate a Ship!

    I want to be the ship's cook. Sanji Messi messi
  12. Filled all my empty ports with tier 1 ships.Now wg should provide empty free slots for the duplicates.

    Can we reward DDs who use smoke for BBs?

    I do it with my udaloi.I dont sit in smoke.So i smoke up for the nearest crusier or battleship buddy and spot for them.They respond by killing the nearest dd.After all big things have small beginnings.
  14. The captain will remain with the yugomo.I am not sure about skills reset though and you will get the T8 kagero as well. I hope Wg gives a skills reset though.