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  1. CodeRakki


    Go here https://forum.worldofwarships.asia/forum/331-modder-manuals/
  2. CodeRakki

    AL Atago Camo

    the logo kinda looks like her animal ears
  3. CodeRakki

    can`t hear my own songs play

    the songs are gone, the stuff you placed in the bin folder was deleted when the patched the update (had to use a file recovery software to retrieve the voice mods i made myself) for this patch will be (World_of_Warships_Asia\bin\2697511\res\userMusic) <- music goes here
  4. CodeRakki

    [ALL] Azur Lane Voiceover Collections

    The fire main guns and torpedo isn't supposed to play every single time
  5. CodeRakki

    [ALL] Azur Lane Voiceover Collections

    You can use this as reference
  6. CodeRakki

    [Asia Exclusive] Get Hololive Commanders for Free!

    "Already have a DMM account? No worries! The Commanders will be up for sale very soon to everybody, a DMM account is not required—stay tuned!" just when i thought this day was great, it was already ruined
  7. This only happens when reaching the post battle screen after a battle, after closing the PB screen the music does not switch to the port music(Ex. Azur Lane Port). To force it to switch I have to click on port select and select any other ports(no need to save).
  8. CodeRakki

    Unable to update service

    Did a trace route and all three seems to timeout after reaching a certain point also did a tracert of and it also stopped when reaching
  9. CodeRakki

    CV rework

    Didn't like the old version mostly due to the Saipan's strafe exploit. I missed pressing 1 to control the cv though
  10. CodeRakki

    Unable to update service

    forget that, I had to use VPN just to access the forums and all other wargaming asia sites and to play their games Country: Philippines
  11. CodeRakki

    Impressions so far

  12. CodeRakki

    [MOD 0.3.0] kancolle ship&captain icons

    how about swapping some of the ship icons as well [\gui\ship_icons] with their respective shipgirl?
  13. CodeRakki

    Possible mods for WoWs

    as a Destroyer user, probably LOS circle around enemy ships and planes on minimap
  14. CodeRakki

    Dive bomber need a buff?

    "If you want them crippled, use dive bombers. If you want them sunk, call us(torpedo bombers)"