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  1. Mwolfy

    Will Russian DD be OP ?

    Thats an assumption based on the murmansk... Look at the torpedo ratings of the murmansk and Gnevny, The Gnenvny has it worse off (The murmansk also beats the Ognevoi at teir 6), meaning if it does have a 8km range it will have another problem that severly hinders it and there is no information whatsoever (that I could find at this point of time) that states the ranges of the russian torpedoes. And why is it when russians are mentioned in anyway they immediately eclipse any counterparts? oh the lack of german cruiser threads... That will happen regardless of whether they are OP or not. It dosen't matter if they had any or not, we'll just get the ones in blueprints that never got laid down.
  2. Mwolfy

    Taskforce44 - Sign Up Here!

    I don't think it's a question of maybe, it's a question of when.
  3. Mwolfy

    Taskforce44 - Sign Up Here!

    I meant it as "when clans becomes avialable for WoWs, will there be a clan?" I seem to be good at miscommunication...
  4. Right back at you. But as old a reader as we both are, I'm not quite as old a poster as you are.
  5. Mwolfy

    Taskforce44 - Sign Up Here!

    But Taskforce 44 had the USN in it. I'm intrested, but until dates are set i can't make any promises. Quick question, will there be a clans once they come to WoWs?
  6. Close enough though, and the second part of my statement, well... http://ftr-wot.blogspot.com.au/2013/05/how-much-does-wg-earn-from-various.html Makes sense from a business point of view.
  7. Because russian company wants russian customers? Considering that's where they get most of their money from?
  8. Mwolfy

    An Aussie Wishlist

    Czechslovakia is getting added to Wot... Soon™ Then again don't expect Australia to get added anytime soon, we don't really design anything and more or less just buy from other countries.
  9. Mwolfy

    An Aussie Wishlist

    RAN and RNZN Leander class cruisers were different from their RN leander counterparts. the 3 RAN Cruisers had 2 redundant machine spaces against the single one of those used in the RN, thus the smokestack layout was changed from a singular smokestack into two. the 2 RNZN cruisers were the same as their RN, only difference being in that one turret was removed in favor of adding AA guns Not sure about other classes, they might be different, but some of these might just be worth adding in... Unless they just make those hull modifications and nothing more. Then again, the omaha class has 2 premiums... we won't know until it happens i guess. I actually have expected to see something related to anime when I saw your name...
  10. Mwolfy

    An Aussie Wishlist

    Like lengxv6 said, most of the ships designs are british and will likely be in the standard Royal navy tech tree, but they might put some of the notable ones as premiums. Not saying i'm not hoping for a certain ship though.
  11. Mwolfy

    Tier 6 - 10 IJN CV

    They're throwing those squadrons at an american CV. And proceeding to get them shot down.
  12. Mwolfy

    noobie prem consumables question

    From my knowledge it replaces the free one just for a single battle, then you have to buy another if you want to use it again. While the faster reload time is good to have, it's not very cost effective and is the only benefit from prenium consumables.
  13. Mwolfy

    British tier I ship...

    That would be a torpedo tube!
  14. Mwolfy

    turret layouts

    Or for charging headlong or "tatical withdrawals" with your stern sticking towards them, it works with that too.
  15. Mwolfy

    Introduction thread

    G'day all I come from a land down under.