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  1. Obi1Kixbooty

    Highlight of he Year

    Not sure, but if the title of the topic is anything to go by, then definitely the vote yes campaign..... But since we should be politically correct it should be Highlight of the he/she year......
  2. Obi1Kixbooty

    Help Please - Critical Error Message

    Looks like patch today might help, I'm having issues for the first time as well, but only on the module upgrade screen in port. Computer has been powering off as soon as I try and upgrade a module. Strange...
  3. Obi1Kixbooty

    Update delayed?

    Thanks to everyone that contributed to this thread and the others, your help was much appreciated, and whilst it didn't work for all, it did a lot for the community spirit. Cheers, and see you all on the high seas.
  4. Obi1Kixbooty

    fix for WOWS launcher

    All good to go, full steam ahead!
  5. Obi1Kixbooty

    fix for WOWS launcher

  6. Obi1Kixbooty

    fix for WOWS launcher

    where do you paste the 7z file to? just saw the above, cheers.
  7. Obi1Kixbooty

    fix for WOWS launcher

    Yep, same problem as me and a whole Lotta people. Best to just wait and see....
  8. Obi1Kixbooty

    fix for WOWS launcher

    It went to server error blah blah after the patch finished downloading. I'm pretty frustrated right now, even downloading the launcher again, it won't even recognize the ships folder anymore...... Might have a break, take some deep breaths and hopefully when I come back, WG has an idea of what to do....
  9. Obi1Kixbooty

    fix for WOWS launcher

    find the wows launcher from the actual game files, its working for me
  10. Obi1Kixbooty

    Update delayed?

    Updating now via the wows launcher in the game files, (wows folder)
  11. Obi1Kixbooty

    Update delayed?

    they have spoken....
  12. Obi1Kixbooty

    Update delayed?

  13. Obi1Kixbooty

    Wargaming.net Center not pulling updates?

    Sounds like a big night at WG Asia offices celebrating the new patch... Except there's one tiny problem.....
  14. Obi1Kixbooty

    Update delayed?

    It's a little strange that some can download and others not. Anyone from WG care to comment or is there a solution in the works?
  15. Obi1Kixbooty

    Update delayed?

    Nope.... Mine hasn't started.