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  1. IJN_Zuikaku

    Cursed Warships

    Don't give WG any ideas, next time we'll see a floating square battleship
  2. copy past works for me, I just download the game center, paste the file then have the launcher detect the files
  3. IJN_Zuikaku

    Let us share all we've got about Kantai Collection!

    I was lost in the fog, and now I'm back after 2 years of hiatus, i dont know how to fly my planes now I have a new rival now, the Akagi.
  4. IJN_Zuikaku

    the lucky Kuma.

    If we talk about lucky ships, then Zuikaku wins
  5. IJN_Zuikaku

    Tips for playing Houshou against Langley?

    Yes, i agree, using the fighter as scouts would be benefinicial and would also give you more chances of oppurtunity, keep in the mind that direct confrontation with US fighters should be avoided, and if its unavoidable, fight with a CA near by, but CA's at this tier have badd AA i discourage from fighting over DDs because this lights up the dds to the enemy and might end uo counter productive, at this tier its best to sneak your bombers in, it gets harder to that at higher tier though since most US CVs have 2 fighter squardrons
  6. Guess your ship got scuttled, lol, i was on my zuiho and it was late game where a dd was chasing after me, it got to the point we were in CQC, i noticed that a torp spread was heading towards be but the triangles were blue, i thought it was a bug, and it dawned on me that earlier i had send my TB to hit the dd and i forgot about them, but i died before my own torps hit me, lol
  7. IJN_Zuikaku

    Let's talk naval movies

    the english translated manga stops when they reach japan though, i really wanna continue reading hahaha
  8. IJN_Zuikaku

    i know it's stupid but rant about blue line, again

    Yeah they are quite easy to hit wvwn with torpedoes, unlike before that it mess up the torp leads
  9. IJN_Zuikaku

    AniManga Chat :E

    still trying to complete the kongo class "artwork" , haruna is really hard to get :3
  10. IJN_Zuikaku

    WOWS shooting mechanics

    How about sinking torpedo boats then? Oh wait, wrong game
  11. IJN_Zuikaku

    AniManga Chat :E

    You mean the "artwork" that got skewed.? I think it got fix, its proportionate now, havent really read the patch notes except for the fact that zuikaku has armoured carrier classification artwork now
  12. IJN_Zuikaku

    AniManga Chat :E

    Show the 5th carrier division some love :3 no one probably noticed but Zuikaku has kai ni A now like shoukaku
  13. IJN_Zuikaku

    what is the best ship to keep in port?

    kuma is indeed a good ship to keep, but i only have a limited number of ports, which one should i keep? isokaze or Kuma? Eith the german CA's its kinda hard to enjoy it now : (