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  1. JQP

    were to send my refund invoice

    would you like for me to pass you a link to the current working version, you can then load it up in your client and then come back and post a retraction.. ? Yes the sceen shots are of a previous version, sorry but i didn't spend much time looking for the website with the most up-to-date pictures, but the WoWS warpack does indeed work on the current version, there's even a video on YouTube / Dailymotion video's showing it running on the most recent client version But it's alright i guess if we close our eyes and block our ears then it won't exist.
  2. JQP

    were to send my refund invoice

    um yeah there is, Obviously not allowed to link to it but here's a screen shot/s instead. not hard to find and from the few site's i've seen it there's lot's of people downloading using it. *note the pictures were just taken from 1 of the many site's hosting the download.
  3. Can any body else access the milestone page that shows your current progress, the page is just loading up blank for me, tried firefox & chrome deleted the cache etc etc still getting a blank page when trying to access any of the project R pages..
  4. The cleveland is still decent at getting those juicy Citadel hit's. the shell velocity is still decent enough to still hassle ships at long ranges. if they bump it up a tier then they should undo some of it's "Nerf's" purely for the lolz
  5. Of the stupidest nerf request this hit's pretty high on the scale. so because a person plays the game and takes the time to level up he's captain skills should be punished because someone either plays casually thus doesn't have leveled up captain skills or just free XP'd to high tier ships & thus being at a default disavantage automatically in your sheltered world the player who put the time / effort into the game should be punished..... like i said this rate's pretty high up on the wtf scale...
  6. Main reason why myself and a fair few people i know who used to play WoT & WoWs religiously & spent a fortune, have un-installed and moved to other games that don't have this type of problem. Each to there own really, but when grown men carry on and on about animated little girls non stop on the the forums and in-game and the mods/admins openly protect these types of groups and release official mods/skins encouraging these types of people even more, then it makes playing a game you like not worth it due to encouraging these types of individuals to be louder & louder.
  7. I would expect compensation especially when 1 spends real $ to buy enough dubloons to convert enough XP into free XP to unlock the next module. 1 could consider it fraud maybe......
  8. You sunk my Battle Turd. Shamelessly stolen from that Harold & Kuma movie
  9. JQP

    WoT comes to town...

    Had a few 12~15 - 0 matches, still digging through replays but here's 1 from like 2weeks ago. 11- 0. Don't have many actual screenshots saved as i always forget to mash the PrntScn button to insta-save screenshots for memorable matches. The Myogi slow burnt/flooded and died milli-seconds after the last opponent was sunk on the otherside of the map. It was 1 of those weird easier "Is this match really happening" battles were everyone got into perfect positions and didn't lemming off and do there own thing.
  10. I have on "Ultra" settings and my Graphics card doesn't even get warm, the max the fan speed get's up to is 30% even leaving it idle on the "Garage" / "Port" screen for long periods. The PC fan sit's on 20% when just doing random non-gaming things. Mind you i don't have a budget Spec'd PC. Change from Medium to Lowest as you do have a weak Graphics Card.
  11. Not sure if it was the real 1 but i used to get nearly every 4th match would have LiquidSnake on my team or the opposition team.
  12. JQP


    It's always the thought that counts, carn't complain when it's free.
  13. JQP

    Four-Word-Story Game Redux

    Little does Rex know
  14. JQP

    The aPOIcalypse is Here! Limited Titles!

    Can i get "Taiho International Airport" Or "Torpedoes Away"