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  1. Yes You can mate.... remember to put any Replay and screenshot on it That's also including chat and any misbehaviour doing :) . @ellofiend That's already on Team Killing practically he doing so purposely... you can also try to report that... But according System. that's already handled by Team Killing Automatic system :) as long is violated Wargaming Rules and EULA you can always try to report via Support center. Thanks :) Ephys
  2. Ephys

    Who are the best WOWS YouTube's

    LengXV6 , AeonAce , MajorRage , Atsf being Eurobeat intensifies all the time Meanwhile LengXV6 nearly every week he releasing how to play "Certain sheep" and not to die. Remember not to #YOLO not being scrubs
  3. Ephys

    Yo dawg, I herd you liek user groups

    the hell is this....
  4. Ephys

    Ship is soft like a paper!

    Got shooted by BB from long range? and you show your broadside? that's normal get OHK More importantly what classes you are on?
  5. Patient... dont do anything stupid -Capt Price-
  6. Ephys

    Lag issues since Sept 6 th

    nothing wrong in indonesia always got 50 - 60 ms and move smoothly without "aim teleporting" or "De-synchronizing"
  7. Correction Ap shell did set fire (even without the skills) Even though on 1% chance
  8. Yes its true Minekaze reload less than 1 mins but why i put it on Tier 5 - 8 since it has same range but different reload's you need to careful to launch torpedo's to enemy when it did that happen :v / not just anonymously Launch the torpedo's
  9. Destroyers! Silent and Deadly... the Escorter than seems not too dangerous actually killer IntroMost people doesnt know What Destroyers role and Cruisers role. that actually Easy to understand that they looking for killing too but never know what must they do. there's no denial that people always Aiming for CV and BB. its true you will always seen them mostly in battle. and always shoot at very long distance. But Destroyers , Cruisers are aren't they have different role's Ill split them from IJN and USN. Destroyers USN Tier 2 - Tier 8USN destroyers are All rounder Light Ship which have Fast turning , Fast reload gun turret , and hard to aim Ships. and Short range Torpedo's Your primary job is to disrupt enemy Targeting at 6km or so so... remember you have smoke to use and speed boost to make enemy retargetting you. Tier 9 - 10 in these tier The short range torpedo's aren't problem anymore they have 10km - 16.5km torpedo range which is very useful against any Battleship- Same tactics with Tier 1 and 8 But more Torpedo targetting since your reload for torpedo at 2 minutes etc you will need basic skill like torpedo armament , Basic , and always pick Warning sign to show you being detected or not. Commanders skill 1. Basic Firing training2. Torpedo Armament Expertise3. Aiming Expert4. basic of Survivalbility5. Situation Awareness6. Incoming Fire Alert7. Vigilance8. Superitendent9. High alert10. Last Stand11. Advanced Firing Training12. Demolition Expert13. Last Chance14. Preventive Maintenance15. Concealment Expert16. Jack of all trades What must you do?Since USN destroyers are underestimated. use it. they wont know what the weakness of USN destroyers if you already master it you can use IJN DD very easily. -ZigZag your destoyers when targeted by 2 - 4 ships. run away if you get all attention of enemy fleet try hide approx 1 - 2 minutes from battle. its simple also its easy to remember. -never use AP Shell. just Spam HE shells make them burn overtime.. the Burning Chance from Destroyers are higher than Other's what if you seen Aircraft? Click P (Disable AA) if you inside smoke. if you dont. open Fire on your Anti Aircraft battery help your fleet from Targetting Enemy Torpedo Bomber. its Easy to remember. USN Tactics need to remember- Smoke screen are not just for you. its for your fleet. if you deploy the smoke screen. remember all your ally ships are camouflaged until they shooting. sometimes they camouflaged and still shooting. - Speed boost its helping you to reach your position to disrupt enemy very easily. when you already in position enemy will targeting you and your allies could shoot em without being damaged. remember USN Destroyer are all rounder. since got fast reload , turning Gun turret also it got Short torpedo range. to make anyone closing to you surprised. DestroyersIJN DD(The torpedo masters) IJN DD has different tactics from USN one... this will show you a bit what make's differences between IJN DD and USN DD The primary job of IJN DD is make surprised anyone with Long range torpedo at tier 2 - 4 it stay same at tier 5 - 10 but the differences is the reload time which longer than USN counterpart. Commander skills 1. Basic Firing training2. Torpedo Armament Expertise3. basic of Survivalbility4. Situation Awareness5. Incoming Fire Alert6. Vigilance7. Superitendent8. High alert9. Last Stand10. Advanced Firing Training11. Last Chance12. Preventive Maintenance13. Concealment Expert14. Jack of all trades What must you do? IJN DD are fast speed Destroyers with long range Torpedo. most of IJN DD are Overestimated in fact they aren't that hard to fight. their speed are better than USN part. use it since Speed of IJN DD can go to 42 knots (Tier 5 Minekaze and tier 10 Shimakaze) -never use AP Shell. just Spam HE shells make them burn overtime.. the Burning Chance from Destroyers are higher than Other's tier 2 - tier 4 Spam torpedo and Hide... IJN are master of surprising anyone in the battle. high damage torpedo can always make player afraid to near them. if you could use the gun turret but literally not recommended Tier 5 - tier 8 Target your torpedo and Hide still same with Tier 2 and 4 but now your torpedo aren't reload below 1 minutes (except tier 5) but has literally longer range and also you can use gun turret now to make enemy confused. Tier 9 - Tier 10 what i heard from Kagerou class is kinda underrated IJN Destroyers since it hard to use. use that as advantages.. it maybe has slow speed but easy to manouver - use it zigzag and try to use gun turret to disrupt anyone. it has same like USN characteristic but still doesnt have fast gun turning. but better torpedo's armament. Shimakaze an contrary its a real torpedo Destroyer in the world. you need target correctly and let 20km torpedo do the rest what if you seen Aircraft? Click P (Disable AA) if you inside smoke. if you dont. open Fire on your Anti Aircraft battery help your fleet from Targetting Enemy Torpedo Bomber. its Easy to remember. Tactics need to remember - Torpedo and hide (IJN has Longer range torpedo to use)- same with USN Smoke and speed boost. it just Smoke are needed to you for Hide and Seek mode. so it will make your enemy hard to toe on toe with you
  10. Ephys

    USS Enterprise as a Premium Warship

    actually its Yorktown class and dat class is compared with Essex Class so no
  11. Its better that Fix the RNG / Matchmaking Process - We need to change The Number of player. With or Without Division they must meet equal number both sides. its better than we removing a Mode. Its sad though. Remembering The Historical mode on WoT being Deleted and Nation vs Nation mode being deleted....
  12. Come on Speed of DD can go for 39 knots (using Minekaze though) For BB's and BC's So there's no wrong on BB's and BC's it just their Reconstruction though For AdamPurkis I was sailing around in my omaha cruiser today then all of sudden have a salvo from a fuso BB sunk me in one go. I do not know if thats what would happen in real life or if its historically accurate but I think that is a bit much. Considering that 1 out 5 BB players actually know how to use their ships, the rest were most likely bad heavy tank players from wot. You know the type hide behind the medium tanks or a building and wait in their maus. Perhaps I bumped into a guy who knew what he was doing. Time and time again i see this even in my tier 5 faragot not even half a salvo from the fuso hits me and i am dead. I think the battleships in this game does too much damage and are too maneuverable, I mean they outrun destroyers for christ sake. All most eighty percent of the battleship player base have no clue what they are doing just drive in the complete wrong direction hit the map border and just grind along the line shooting and not hitting anything. The rest hide behind islands or pretend to be a island when they are all supposed to be right behind the cruisers providing long range artillery support. Now if battleships can do this kind of damage and be this maneuverable now, what happens when the player base opens up wider and more skilled players used them they will just single salvo every ship in the game. What does everyone else think? Keen to know your opinions. Safe sailing. you need to see how to Evade Shells salvo. its not like... meh im being one shotted its OP no its not that remember WoWS arent WoT in WoWS all tier nearly Same.... if you want to try.. try to use BB's and you can comment it you know its hard to evade torpedo when using Battleship
  13. Armor: Waterline belt: 203–76 mm (8–3 in) Deck: 25 mm (1 in) Gun turrets: 229–254 mm (9.0–10.0 in) Barbettes: 254–76 mm (10–3 in) Conning tower: 229 mm (9.0 in)? This is Armour of Kongou Battleship (She literally called battleship you know) now think about it