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  1. P_TuSangLui

    CV's in or out

    Before the rework it was 50/50 chance of report and compliment. While we could get reported from doing one shot DD, at least we have our FT to provide recon and protection for our team hence the compliment. Now it is nearly 90% chance of getting reported from enemy side. Also, I once got complained for not providing FT in time (the ship in question was on the east flank while my squadron was on the left flank) and so 2 reports in one game -_-|| Anyway, we are kinda drifting from the topic of the thread so I should stop here. Pardon me.
  2. P_TuSangLui

    CV's in or out

    Yeah. It's not like the world is coming to the end. I don't like the rework but my feeling is far from hate it. Adapt and relearn. I still love my CVs and since they can be used in clan battle nowadays, I am now useful to my clan lol. The problem still persist though. As the reddit OP said, the target is not happy having mosquitoes annoying him/her until the ship is sunk. In this one week only, I got 11 reports and only 1 compliment ;w;
  3. P_TuSangLui

    [poll] The Most Hated person in World of Warship

    Nah. Noob CV is even more hated. ....Oh, I just got another reported ;w;
  4. P_TuSangLui

    Off to hiatus once more and over.

    I haven't played the game much since the start of February. I'll wait until something happen and change the game into the better direction. Until then, I will just keep clearing those games in my pile of shame.
  5. P_TuSangLui

    Patch "CV Rework" Poll

    I think we all can agree that no one is happy with the rework.
  6. Uh...yeah. I gues we all are to be blamed. The thing is the auto-drop is horrible. Unless you are attacking slow moving brick (those dreanaught USN BB), you ain't gonna do much. While manual drop sounds so OP, using it properly need a lot of training and skill to read the target maneuver. I do get the point why you hate manual drop/attack though. (Sounds pointless anyway. Those things are all gone)
  7. P_TuSangLui

    I've sold my Carriers.... Anyone else?

    I keep them. I know that they are replacement ships, not the ship I had been playing, but I still feels attached to them especially my Kaga. This also has to do with how I love CV and the planes IRL.
  8. P_TuSangLui

    CV rework day 1 observations

    All right. I tried 3 games with 3 ships: RJ, Shoukaku, and Kaga My RJ got in T V-VII match. I did 60k dmg which isn't that good. My RJ in T V-VII match usually do 70-90K dmg. Shoukaku got in T VII-IX room match. Enemy team had Atlanta, Buffalo, and Baltimore. My planes can't fly near Atlanta like before. I barely do any dmg (apart from torpedoing Izumo) Third game with Kaga in T VIII-X match.....I can't do any thing. The gameplay is just....no for me. It gives no excitement and joy. Yes, I complained when I got in a match with enemy full of AA but I still enjoyed the agony(?). This? This is not fun at all. I plan to try Hakuryu tomorrow. People said T X CVs are gods. Will see what I can do with them.
  9. P_TuSangLui

    New CV rework Sux, what the heeck WG

    In Tier X room, her planes just....exploded or simply fell from the sky.
  10. P_TuSangLui

    Tier X DD's now obsolete

    Agreed. Cross torp can easily kill DD unless the DD's captain know how to evade properly.
  11. P_TuSangLui

    Furataka is the worst ship in the game

    I did that with my T-22. Good time.
  12. P_TuSangLui

    Let us share all we've got about Kantai Collection!

    The event is ending soon......How many still playing? lol. Johnston is rescued but not Hayanami. My sanity meter is 0.
  13. P_TuSangLui

    Furataka is the worst ship in the game

    A bit off topic but I see many people hate Omaha. Sure, she is made from wet-tissue but I found myself have fun running around spamming HE. Survivability is always an issue for T5 cruiser anyway so I don't have much problem in that catagory. Maybe it just me lol. No offense to those who think she is a bad ship.
  14. P_TuSangLui

    Furataka is the worst ship in the game

    I remembered her when she had 1x6 configuration. She was so-so or bad depend on who you ask. Now? With her hull C configuration, I would say she is one of the best T5 ships.
  15. P_TuSangLui

    Nope! Not wasting my holiday doing this.

    Exactly my thought when I first saw the directive. NOPE.