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  1. xxxZAMMYxxx

    Need help! The router redirect problem!

    Try factory reset. Then seting It again
  2. xxxZAMMYxxx

    Help with PT (It's all in Russian! D: )

    it happen to me... first i read must register at RU sever then it change to PT RU server. dang
  3. yep. No free xp to unlock all ship
  4. xxxZAMMYxxx

    HOLY...UPDATE 0.4.1 is going to be EPIC

    well i can log in using browser. but game launcher cannot... Edit : miscommunication, i creat RU acc not PT RU acc. dang
  5. xxxZAMMYxxx

    HOLY...UPDATE 0.4.1 is going to be EPIC

    Public Test cannot be log on due to wrong email or password. Still in the browser i can log in so that mean there is over flow of player that server cannot support. i think WOWS need to put a bigger server.
  6. Dang cant log on wrong email or password.