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  1. kyjo

    Aiming broken ?

    Has something changed in the recent update ? I cannot hit anything now. It's like my dispersion is completely broken.
  2. kyjo

    Yamma now obsolete

    seriously how do you learn ????????? If i camp i bounce or overpen everything i hit if i move in i get burnt to death, there is absolutely no middle ground. If i didnt know better id think I'm the only player in the game thats not using some sort of aim hack
  3. kyjo

    Yamma now obsolete

    no absolutely nothing, there is something drastic I'm not doing correctly. Every ship i come up against burns me to the water line
  4. Cant pen anything and everything starts a fire on it.
  5. kyjo

    Cant pen ANYTHING

    Took some time out because im simply not enjoying the game anymore, came back and nothing has change, no pen regardless of angle whilst i can angle my deck and still getting smashed. What makes it worse is that as per all above, my Yamma is suppose to be the be all and end all yet its gun handling and paper armour is like tier one.
  6. kyjo

    Cant pen ANYTHING

    No matter what im playing its either richochet overpen or no penetration. Ive got a Yamma and a Jean Bart and cant seem to damage anything anymore. On the other hand I'm getting murdered EVERY game HELP !
  7. kyjo

    No win

    Just realized I will never win a battle again, something has happened to the MM with this new update. All the noobs like me are bunched together and its simply a turkey shoot. Lost 12 in a row since the update
  8. Just lost my 30th game in a row, tried to work out the chances of this but gave up when I got to 1 million to one.
  9. kyjo

    Yamoto Help

    I seriously can never see me EVER winning a game in the Yammy ever again !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Over 50% non pen, over pen of ricochet. Currently on a MASSIVE MASSIVE losing streak, It cannot be all my fault for gods sake.
  10. What more can I say about matchmaking, yes yes it is probably all my fault but seriously how is it possible that I get on 21 straight teams that has "no one" that can turn a match. Fire away with the tin foil comments lol
  11. kyjo

    Soviet Directives

    At this rate I will get the Tier 5 if I complete all four directive groups. 10 containers and 50 tokens, WG is taking the piss.
  12. kyjo

    Yamoto Help

    Thanks mate appreciate your help but you hit the nail on the head, my aim is crap. I have slightly better results in my Jean Bart but BB's just mustn't be for me because I cannot pen anything reliably and just get burnt to death by cruisers when I advance. I am at a total loss on why everyone can pen me but I rarely pen anyone else, btw I don't know what you mean by "overmatch"
  13. kyjo

    Yamoto Help

    Hi all, Spent forever to grind and cant seem to work it out. Seems like 95% of the time I'm over penning, richochet or non penetration. Ridiculously frustrating because as soon as I get closer I get fired to death by cruisers which seem to consistently pen me. Any help, build advice and commander skills would be appreciated.
  14. Hi all, Been down the Japanese tech tree BB and DD and halfway down the Germans Cruiser line, would like some suggestions on where to start again. When I start on a long losing streak and want to feel better I default back to my Atlanta (it suits my preferred play style of hiding behind an island like a coward and HE spamming) So with this in mind can you give me any suggests on what ship to aim for that has a high rate of fire and HE. Thanks in advance.
  15. kyjo

    Public Test Player name change

    If you find the answer let me know I'm in the same boat 👍