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  1. kyjo

    Jean Bart

    Thanks guys all great input checked that review rookieFTW thanks
  2. kyjo

    Jean Bart

    good advice thanks mate, needed a bit of info on what to do with it
  3. kyjo

    Jean Bart

    Thanks mate I'll smash the coal until then
  4. kyjo

    Jean Bart

    Can anyone tell me when JB will be removed from the Armoury ? Still a bit short on coal but can trade in Steel. Would rather keep the steel I have.
  5. Absolutely not, obviously someone that is not interested in contributing to the community
  6. Seriously this is the most intelligent thing you can come up with ?
  7. Ok all I don't really understand the exact mechanics of the new update, but I was wondering how poor the Atlanta is going to be ? I've got one and it's a fun ship to play unless you get caught out in the open then its goodnight in a salvo or two from just about anything it may come up against. Will there be a massive loss in fire power or will it be balanced by an increase in armour ? Any information on this would be great.
  8. kyjo

    Inertia Fuse

    Outstanding thanks mate
  9. kyjo

    Inertia Fuse

    Can someone please explain why I should remove the Inertia Fuse attack skill from my Commanders before the update ? I watched the update video and didn't understand what she meant. Thanks in advance
  10. kyjo

    Spending Coal

    Hi all I'm closing in on enough coal for a ship in the armory. Any advice on the best value would be appreciated. PS: thinking of the Jean Bart because I've seen that thing do some good things
  11. kyjo

    T10 DD's obsolete

    With all the Op CV's in the game flooding the skies with planes that can one shot a DD, RIP DD
  12. First 4 out of 5 games tonight in an Atlanta up against Tier 9. WTAF twice killed by one salvo. WG has lost the plot
  13. Game 1 Sailing in my Nagato then boom one salvo gooooooone from a Sinop Game 2 Again almost one salvo loss then finished with the second
  14. kyjo

    Amateur help needed

    Thanks for the reply mate, I watch your youtube channel and love it