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  1. One shot missiles 2 games in a row !!!!!!!
  2. DD's are now obsolete in CV matches if they get spotted. More and more games DD's are off doing their own thing and not participating.
  3. kyjo


    Make that 38
  4. kyjo


    WG needs to address skills match making. Just lost my 37th game in a row in a 24 hour period. I could sit back and not fire a shot and still win 30% when there is an even playing field. Instead WG are deliberately MM to make game go quicker in order to increase profits
  5. kyjo

    Tier X DD's now obsolete

    Yep got killed with one shot two games in a row by aircraft. First game lasted a little over two minutes the next not much longer. NICE GOING WARGAMING !
  6. You pay for a product then they reduce the performance. As I said they did it in WOTanks and lost thousands of players and never nerfed a premium again.
  7. AA rating from 84 to 54
  8. Wow thats a brave move nerfing the hell out of the Atlanta that thousands of people have paid for. Last time WG did that in WOT's they lost thousands of players
  9. kyjo

    Tier X DD's now obsolete

    absolute rubbish, with these rockets it is way easier. WG have completely destroyed the entire DD line. All that time grinding has now been wasted. DD players will be leaving WOWS in droves now
  10. Tier X aircraft one shot DD's. Dumbest patch ever.
  11. kyjo

    Aircraft now way too OP

    Got no extra free experience at all
  12. kyjo

    Carrier rework compensation: A rant

    Where is the compensation ???? I had 2 CV's and now they are both gone and nothing for it. WHAT A JOKE !!!!!!
  13. kyjo

    Aircraft now way too OP

    How can you try a CV when WG took them off me without compensation
  14. Two things that have happened is aircraft can now one shot DD's and any AA ship like the Atlanta is basically useless.
  15. Absolutely paper thin Armour, ridiculously short range, and rubbish penetration and damage. Is a magnificent AA ship but i meet carriers once every 20 games nowadays.