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  1. Prozwolfe

    looking for division

    Include me! Find me on WoWS by the same name. (sorry about that, dead_man_walking)
  2. Prozwolfe

    Four-Word-Story Game Redux

    Although we kind of
  3. Prozwolfe

    Introduction thread

    Hello (again)! This is an alpha tester who was lost at sea and took nearly a year or so to crack the Davy Jone's locker combination. Seriously though, the alpha test was horrifying in asia, because 700 ping won't cut it, and plus, I wasn't exactly into ships, so i did play for quite some time (only up to t4) and quit shortly after. But I'm back in OBT, and am finally content with my account not getting reset. Hoping for the best :/
  4. Taking a warship for a ride into life. Wow.

  5. Prozwolfe

    Alpha tester need verification?

    Hey, i received my email on Thursday (25/9), however, I saw the email only today but I've sent my information in. Being a student living in Australia, i don't have a passport or the like, so sent in an image of my ID card. Under passport number, i left it as 0000 (very original, I know.) as i didn't have a passport, but for the issuing organisation, I've wrote down my school. Would my application still be valid? I only *just* came across this post. Also, being this late in the second wave, will the applications be open? Thanks, "Wolfe" (Nickname)