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  1. reinforcezwei

    Quick Reference guide - Does it have torpedoes?

    another reason that Chokai have uncontrollable fire and let to she get sunk is she had very very poor Damage control system but when comes to eary war night raid this torpedoes is very very deadly but i perfer to have both specially to smash O2 torpedo at BB face in close range
  2. reinforcezwei

    End of Beta

    torp her with torpedos!!!!
  3. reinforcezwei

    about the safe range of aircraft torpedo

    pray for your connection too so they don't disconnect when you get attack lol i got 1 of disconnect while i try to evade the torp only 1 world 1 can say at that time FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!
  4. reinforcezwei

    End of Beta

    and i did mention that cromwell B is basicy the cromwell with premium status and with the same stat as normal cromwell nothing is better than regular cromwell except credit income which is the reason prem tank exist and the concpet that i mention is still exist too we are not gonna get full prem tank spam like type 59 or E25 in the past anymore because of that concept also i compare the current tank tree with current prem tank prem tank is definately weaker than normal tank in thier line with exception in some tank that has same stat as the normal one and din't you notice ? WG will not making the preferntial MM from ervrything from now and even will strip it out from the old product they have such as FCM well i misunderstand you sorry about that but i won't delete my comment
  5. reinforcezwei

    End of Beta

    well the berlin and fury pack is basicly same tank with the same stat as the normal tank in tech tree the concpet is still there but only thing that make you might feel it's a bit off chart is that ppl use high end crew with a lot of skill and perk or use premuim consumable ( ie cola) conbind with fully equipment ( ie rammer) only premuim i consider is off chart of balance is E25 that thing is truly OP when compare to the same tank in the line new premuim tank better than normal trech tree line ? CDC ,T54F , 13 57F japanese tiger , STA-2 , FV201 ? even these they are still worse than normal tech tree counterpart only thing people want the beside tank collector is to make money and to train thier crew of each nationality and in case if you want to argue with thier statistic well i must say it's up to player who use it the statistic is not that true cuz some tank has very very few user and they doin pretty good casuing statistic to go off chart
  6. reinforcezwei

    End of Beta

    free ship basicly no buff anymore cuz what ? it's free and another thing is it's basicly premuim ship , the premuim ship / tank suppost to be worse than the normal ship / tank in tech tree
  7. reinforcezwei

    End of Beta

    it's OK for bullying newbie when that match have no CV lol plus credit income is pretty A OK
  8. reinforcezwei

    End of Beta

    Arkansas is a gifted exclusively for only player who got participate the CBT as well as Iwaki for Alpha test ,the current state is OBT is basicly the soft release of the game like War T____ you won't get those ship anymore like KV-220a for WoT alpha tester
  9. WG has better than that well just for one class WG already develop the CLOAKING DEVICE for destroyer!!!!! it's make people with full of binocular can't spot the ship that has size about 100m long at 4 km away from them !! even the smoke from the turbine also WG has already install them for the Torpedo but it's battery don't live long enough to be invisible all the time and can be counter by special Sonar equip drone !!! launhing from CA BB
  10. reinforcezwei

    Furutaka - what a ship

    well 155 on Mogami is use for BURNING PEOPLE ALIVE!!!!! but yes it will lack of puch to fight with CA but it's really dominate when come to burning well i don't use torp on IJN CA most of the time excpet when i find the lone BB with nothing to cover him i'll just go to ramming speed at him spam all gun from the front and when i'm in range i just turnning to opposite direction of the BBs then firing torp at his face this why IJN CA torp really come in handy and if i remember current state of the game didn't registed Torpedo bulk head as additoinal armor yet but it's just appear on visual
  11. reinforcezwei

    Furutaka - what a ship

    well it's not that brutal infact it's the standard of how to play IJN CA line just don't zerg rush like other and you will be fine if i call a sudden brutal change of gameplay it would be the change from CA to BB plus changing from auto FCS to maunaul FCS in NF is much much more brutal than this but when you get use to it , it's hell a lot of fun FRTK is the same
  12. reinforcezwei

    This game needs more statistic

    but you can't avoid the fact the people looked down other stat of whining about win chance showed by XVM and it's cause of your PC to overuse memory than it should be and i don't want that thing to be showed up in this game although i don't mind for people who use mod in fact i liked them cuz it's open up the people creation and expand the community also i have modded almost every tank in the game with anime skin cuz what ? who care i just like them lol also i'm gonna modded ship with mai waifu too !!!!
  13. reinforcezwei

    cruise missile

    actually i want this Confirmed Yamato 's OP nerf nao lol
  14. reinforcezwei

    Furutaka - what a ship

    more like "Gotta Wreck'em all!!!" lol
  15. reinforcezwei

    Furutaka - what a ship

    compare to old myoko turret traverse this definatly better lol