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  1. L6 Gaming

  2. L6 Gaming

    An old video, but still good. Dont forgt to put your IGN and server in the comments for a chance at getting a Subscriber Container
  3. L6 Gaming

  4. L6 Gaming

  5. L6 Gaming

    Don't forget to Subscribe and in the comment section, put your IGN and Server
  6. L6 Gaming

    still trying to find a better....and free way to run the compititions
  7. L6 Gaming

  8. L6 Gaming

    Don't forget to watch till the end - instructions for CC containers
  9. L6 Gaming

  10. L6 Gaming

    Welcome to the new landing pad for videos, sit back, relax and enjoy..... Don't forget to hit the subscribe button, hit the bell to get notifications of new videos!!
  11. Botting

    nope, the amount of staff on at the time does. Week days you can be sure the reports are dealt with quickly, Friday/Weekends/Public Holidays etc staff numbers will be lower, hence the longer time it takes
  12. Thread closed at OP request ~lengxv6
  13. noob friendly Destroyer line ?

    closed at OP request `lengxv6
  14. high school fleet collection : anime girls crew.

    closed at OP's request ~lengxv6
  15. Asia/Pacific server youtubers

    Should take my Kitty for sail, been a while since I played her... serious though - I will be live on twitch Sat/Sun, have codes to give and a permanent tier 10 space camo to give