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  1. lengxv6

    Happy Mothers Day

    I have extended the contest until Friday this week - give you a bit more time
  2. lengxv6

    Happy Mothers Day

    If you keep exploding, have a look at what flags you are running, there is a great ramming flag that might help!!!!!!
  3. lengxv6

    Happy Mothers Day

    Getting lonely here guys and girls, have these doubloons to give away, and no entries!!! 😩
  4. lengxv6

    Happy Mothers Day

    It's that time of the year again, when we all pay homage to our Mothers, so let's all give our mothers a great, big hug!! Collect the Die Hard achievement as many times as you can in the one battle and SURVIVE to the end. Provide proof with screen shots of the post battles screens in the thread below. (No tier or class restrictions). The top 3 players that collect the highest number of Die Hard achievements in the one battle and survives will be the winners of 2,500 Doubloons each. In the event of a TIE then the top 3 will be awarded in ORDER OF POSTING. Do NOT save post positions you will be automatically disqualified! A further 10 randomly drawn entries will receive 300 doubloons. Event Start: 08:00 UTC +8 13 May 2019 Event Finish: 16:00 UTC +8 27 May 2019 Competition Rules: Rules: * 1 entry per player * Participants MUST have an active World of Warships Asia account in order to receive the prize * There are no Edits allowed, once posted, that is your final post * Judges decision is final * Prizes are for the Asia Server only Note: Please note that this is a Moderator run contest, the judges are lengxv6 and nominated WG Staff. WarGaming.net is the sponsor for all prizes. All prizes will be allocated into players accounts with in 14 days of Competition Close.
  5. lengxv6

    How many Fish in the Sea

    Congratulations to the following winners: 1st Place - Moganite with 47119 damage 2nd Place - BigShip23 with 35852 Damage 3rd place - McAga with 36859 Damage. Keep an eye on your inboxes, codes will be heading your way shortly. New competitions will be happening in the very near future, so keep an eye out for them!!!!!
  6. lengxv6

    Death of the destroyers role.

    NoZoup might have said it, never heard him say it, but he might have said it - Truth is, no jobs would be on the line because of the rework, since all Devs would be involved, as per any rework or new line. Probably a lot of yelling and screaming, maybe some pointing of fingers, but no job losses. And for information, CV's were never introduced to counter DD's, for the most part, DD's were just an annoyance to CV's, yeah, DD's could cap, yep, DD's could sneak in an try to kill the CV's, but they are the only reasons a CV would go after a DD. For the most part, CV players were/are after XP, and a DD kill just doesn't cut it like a BB kill
  7. lengxv6

    How many Fish in the Sea

    thank you to all those who participated - winners will be officially announced on Friday.
  8. lengxv6

    Super Containers Mega Merged Thread

    then sell it Yobbo, keep the slot and the 10 point CO for something else. I keep at least 1 CV in my port, for those annoying CV missions that crop up from time to time.
  9. lengxv6

    Iron & Blood is now live

    Thread locked - Duplicate thread All further posts are to only occur in
  10. lengxv6

    How many Fish in the Sea

    Hhhhmmmmmmmm, I will give it this time since we are trying to get this restarted, you all may change your picture - once, but only once. remember, I can check the edit logs.
  11. lengxv6

    Musashi Krond Affect

    just leave the CV's for a few weeks, the joy of flying planes will wear off and players will return to the grind. If you see too many in Randoms, switch to Coop, only been getting CV's on my side, not the bots. In time, the CV population will dwindle, especially around Clan Battles, when CV's most likely will not be allowed.
  12. lengxv6

    How many Fish in the Sea

    Just a reminder, you have until Easter Monday to get your entries in, good luck