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  1. lengxv6

    Moving to NA in 3... 2...

    if WG follow the same rules as WoT when they did the mass transfer, everything except how many games you have played, free XP, and credits will get transferred, you will have all your premium ships, and whatever gear you have brought. Pretty sure the tech tree tanks were transferred as well, along with progression. But this is WoWS, not WoT, and I will almost guarantee there will be "conditions" attached to the transfer. Personaly, dont hold your breath that this will happen, the same survey was done some 4 years ago when we banged on about doing transfers, nothing came of it then, doubt anything will come of it now
  2. WG does investigates bot reports, it takes a long time to confirm if a player is a bot, or just really bad - it has to be done correctly for legal reasons.
  3. lengxv6

    thoughts on rank sprint

    Bloody hell, what has the forum come too? S4pp3r congratulates and then agrees with Drakon!!!!! Did the world just turn upside down 😳 Some very good points raised Drakon
  4. lengxv6

    Price discrimination of Friesland

    They are river barges, not ships - they are transported back up the river to where they get loaded for another run. Pic looks good, but it doesn’t tell the real story
  5. lengxv6

    Bots Scam EXPOSED

    oh goody - a thread about how bad the BOTS are at playing.......... congratulations, you now know the BOTS in this game are bloody useless, they are suppose to be. the whole Coop is there so you can blow off steam when randoms are getting you down, or so you can practice whit your ships before heading into battle against 23 other players. Still having trouble trying to figure out what the OP was going on about, every player knows BOTS will shoot at you - they get bored when there is no enemy
  6. You only have a further 7 random prizes. Please increase to 10.


    A further 10 randomly drawn entries will receive 300 doubloons.


  7. lengxv6

    Fly on the Wall

    Prizes should have been distributed by now - please check your accounts. DM me if there are any problems
  8. lengxv6

    Fly on the Wall

    Fly On The Wall Competition Results Results: 2500 Doubloons 1 - HertzerGunnaHertz - 54621 Damage 2 - Moganite - 42532 Damage 3 - drakon233 - 29094 Damage 300 Doubloons 4 - Black_Ice - 262548 Damage 5 - SardineFish - 20939 Damage 6 - BigShips23 - 14950 Damage 7 - Paskal - 13741 Damage 8 - BeardyBandit - 12803 Damage 9 - greywolfsdb2013 - 5357 Damage 10 - PolishLithuania - Special Mention Names have been passed to Gombee8626 for prize distribution. Thank you all for participating
  9. lengxv6

    Fly on the Wall

    Thank you to every who participated, that was probably going to be the only CV competition for quiet some time..... Official winners list will be posted in the next few days, with prizes being given out shortly there after. New competition will be posted next Monday, with the competition starting one week after that - gives you time to get ready!!!!!