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  1. L6 Gaming

  2. L6 Gaming

    Welcome to the new landing pad for videos, sit back, relax and enjoy..... Don't forget to hit the subscribe button, hit the bell to get notifications of new videos!!
  3. Botting

    nope, the amount of staff on at the time does. Week days you can be sure the reports are dealt with quickly, Friday/Weekends/Public Holidays etc staff numbers will be lower, hence the longer time it takes
  4. Thread closed at OP request ~lengxv6
  5. noob friendly Destroyer line ?

    closed at OP request `lengxv6
  6. closed at OP's request ~lengxv6
  7. Asia/Pacific server youtubers

    Should take my Kitty for sail, been a while since I played her... serious though - I will be live on twitch Sat/Sun, have codes to give and a permanent tier 10 space camo to give
  8. Brace yourself, shipfu is coming !

    Already getting my red crayon ready - I know how these threads go!!
  9. It is possible, WG adjusts missions based on reviewed data, so if a mission looks easy, it gets a boost. i will have to confirm if this is the case.
  10. Info leaking

    correct - WG will need the replay file to be able to tell if this is coincidence or game fixing
  11. Karma does nothing, period. It’s just a thing on screen that people believe does something
  12. The Katma system does nothing - the system is on the back burner for the time being, it was going to be used to do “something” but other things over took it. The automatic ban system, although attached to Karma, is not part of the Karma system. You can not be autobanned by reports from one game, and excessive reports in one game are flagged and investigated by WG. autobans are an accumulation of reports over time, and are rarely incorrect, saying that, you can lodge a ticket to get Staff to directly check your ban!!!
  13. There will be more chances for crates coming - common complaint was that players could not or did not get all the achievements
  14. Too much trolling going on guys and girls - play nice!! Closing the thread ~lengxv6
  15. lengxv6 gib santa box plox (i just had too)