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  1. This is a guide for those who wants to get back their old game Launcher which they lose after installing WGC (Wargaming Game Center) Old Launcher Step 1: Go to control Panel find WGC and uninstall it do not tick where it says delete game files [Don't delete game files ] Step 2: Go to the game directory (the folder where you installed the game) by default its C:\Games\World_of_Warships Step 3: Get old launcher files from your friend or someone who's not using WGC and copy/replace inside your game folder. files are: WoWSLauncher.exe WoWSLauncher.cfg WargamingGameUpdater.exe 7z.dll (only if its missing) (P.S. I'll be uploading these files for ver. ASIA SERVER ULTRA Client) updating currently will post shortly) WoWs OLD Launcher Files Step 4: Run WoWSLauncher.exe That's it.