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  1. salve311

    Bismarck: Full Secondary build still worth it?

    Yes, full secondaries all the way :3
  2. If I remember right, some players use Atago as their Captain trainer for the IJN line same with Tirpitz for the KM line. Both ships can print money. It's just your preference and style of play that you need to base your decision on. Since you focus more on BBs, i suggest you get the Tirpitz but thats just my two cents :3
  3. salve311

    Best tier 10 cruiser

    Zao, hands down :3
  4. salve311

    Chat Censor Still Broken

    Same problem here. Chat is still censored for me :3
  5. salve311

    CV is the best Sheep for badluck player?

    I have been all over the place. Got the Hindenburg, first, was purely KM then now on Shokaku
  6. salve311

    CV is the best Sheep for badluck player?

    @Skahabek You and I just went through the same path, young one loll. I first started with KM cruisers and then some other lines but right now I'm trying out CVs xD. Word of advice, pls learn how to strafe and manual drop.Those skills are necessities in tiers 6 and above. Check out iChase's cv vdeos, they maybe outdated a bit but the salient points are still there.
  7. salve311

    DKM CA vs. DKM BB

    As someone with Hindy, I don't take her out as often as I would like because im a noob with her. Take the German BB line as its the YOLOL BB line xD
  8. Should I answer again? After my first super container of 500 doubloons....I got 2 more and they were also 500 doubloons :3
  9. salve311

    Did you keep or sale your's tier 8 ships

    Kept all my t8s caused as what icy_phoenix stated, t8 is bestu :3
  10. salve311

    About Dont Cap Kill All

    Usually do it when 2-3 enemy ships and my team has a reasonably large advantage in terms of ships and hp :3
  11. salve311

    Sell the Cleveland? Yay or Nay?

    Sell it for credits and port slot :3
  12. salve311

    Enough bloody ARP missions already

    LOL. 10 doubloons is very cheap compared to the two other options xD