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  1. ishnetable

    Well Played MM

    To those that don't know what he was refering to it was the fact that MM matched his T7 DD plat with a T8 DD's with his team comprising of more T7 than the opponent team. Still I believe the colour violet to be the highest tier ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°).
  2. ishnetable

    Is anyone gonna buy the graf spee ?

    Currently I have no problems keeping the shinyhorse (Scharnhorst) floating. If the Graf Spee is as gud I would get it or grind it during the Haifuri Collabo. +1 for the 11 inch guns.
  3. ishnetable

    New ships coming - Stats

    Such a cute battlesh...Cruise...boat thing. Ok now we need another line for potato cruisers
  4. ishnetable

    Four-Word-Story Game Redux

    Quad Mounted Potato cannon
  5. ishnetable

    The Potato Players

    UNISCUM >.>
  6. ishnetable

    The Potato Players

    This was the game warning us that DONALD TRUMP will win the election. The great RNGESES Sees all. #jointhepotatosquad
  7. ishnetable

    how to play when i keep getting screwed

    In +2 situations just do ur best my nagato has a 30% win rate by I still do 55k DMG on average and get decent exp. Im sure every has games where you are top tier and still lost. Complaining about something u cannot solve won't give u better games. Rather YOU are the only constant so by changing urself and think what you could have done better u will get better and get better results. And no i'm not saying u are bad, everyone has room for improvement including myself. Having a bad day? go watch how "Unicums" play learn a thing or two and employ them in ur games.
  8. Yes, totally agree with u on the elitist groups. However like salt they cannot be avoided in any multiplayer online games. Of the 500+ games i have played 80% of them were solo while the other 20% were with 1 of my real life fren. I just felt that more effort could be put in by WG to improve player communication in a multiplayer game.
  9. Great topic BTW #Make_ASIAN_SERVER_Great_Again. I feel like this is where WG can include clans to the game so that people can get together to play together. I understand that there are many third party communication tools such as discord. But having a clan system would be beneficial to newbies and the community as a whole.
  10. ishnetable

    For Singapore players!

    ADD MEH!!! mostly soloing. IGN ishnetable. Perhaps create a chatroom in-game?