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  1. _EzioAuditore_


    only need the type 59 out of that :^)) need MTLG-S pz38h and M6AE21 k a p p a
  2. _EzioAuditore_

    Super Testers Recruitment Round 2

    1) Only have 200+ battles atm, but I have free time coming up to play much more~ Have played all classes so far, All lines played to t4/t5 atm, will grind up to tx and experience all tiers as well, possibly for strongholds/CW. 2) No records in WoWS so far. 3) Have Teamspeak 3 and Skype 4) Agree to NDA, have played many games in Alpha & Beta, never gotten any warning points etc at all. 5) Will turn up for any testing sessions 6) Dedicated player in both WoT & WoWS, cw player in WoT, looking to play organised play in WOWS as well, as well as providing constructive feedback.
  3. _EzioAuditore_

    1st of the IJNs :P

    nope i didn't exactly why i'm trying to find out why, because i'm already been playing I don't go around breaking NDAs anyway, or i would get kicked out from almost every game on my laptop nope I had it before i applied here I was spamming every avenue to get in, so I don't know how I got in without signing NDA, I actually didn't even know I got in until I saw the tag on this forums and downloaded it...
  4. _EzioAuditore_

    1st of the IJNs :P

    btw guys i have alpha tester tag but i didn't get the email yet, anyone has idea why?
  5. _EzioAuditore_

    1st of the IJNs :P

    oh wow