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  1. ArmoredDodoy

    The aPOIcalypse is Here! Limited Titles!

    Can you put mine " The Last Handsome Captain" thanks!
  2. ArmoredDodoy

    Colorado is worst ship.

    Stock Fuso is worse. 44k life and 13km range your like a kawachi facing amagi and north carolina LOL
  3. ArmoredDodoy

    Day in the life of a BB.

    I don't care if my winrate is 30% but im still palying my BB's i love them . Sometimes BB can carry a game if used properly. But i still love playing low tier with low tier DD's where they have 4-5km range of torps and saw a ship like 20km away but still fire torps in front of allies .
  4. ArmoredDodoy

    looking for division

    Look me up i'm online every day hard to get a win playing solo and i'm grinding BB.