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  1. Hi all, need advice on crew skills on soviet DD greatly. They feel like gunboats rather than torpedo ships.. i mean 3km torps lol.. Can anyone good with them recommend crew skills for them? Thanks all in advance.
  2. Try being me in a kawachi who ended up somehow exchanging broadside with a south carolina at 2km and winning, then this super pro wickes dumps his load of torps directly behind me 1km away and hits me, he then insults me with noob BB...dun know how to dodge torps noob etc etc... facepalm...kawachi dodging torps from 1km out... well done. Some players are just too special for words... sigh
  3. Hi all, I just started WOWS like 3 days ago and have been kinda of struggling in random games. Been sticking mainly to co op thus just to learn the ships and stuff. Was not a tester of any sort thus do not understand the ships much. I was like wondering after trying some games in random mode and watching horror shows happening ingame.(etc ppl camping in open sea O.O)... is there like any channel where i could get a platoon mate of sort to guide or help me? I dun have a mike nor do i really like to use such stuff. Will that be an issue getting platoons/divisions?
  4. tyrant_eye

    Reward for Co-Op battles

    I personally like the pve mode wows has myself. 1) It lets me try out the ships, their style and see if they fit me before i use them in pvp 2) It allows me to NOT be forced to use a stock ship....(remember the horror of stock tanks in WOT and shudders) 3) I can grind credits and exp slowly without watching my stats bleed red... it is so much easier to carry in pve and farm than it is in pvp... This are my personal views..Pls dun flame me.... :p
  5. tyrant_eye

    [Expired] Bonus code - 7 days premium

    You could always play WOT again..and enjoy the usual red army..It really makes you feel special there... :p
  6. tyrant_eye

    [Expired] Bonus code - 7 days premium

    Srsly who is vadim??
  7. You guys should be grateful the box army has not appeared here yet ><
  8. tyrant_eye

    [Expired] Bonus code - 7 days premium

    Thanks. I will give it a try.
  9. tyrant_eye

    [Expired] Bonus code - 7 days premium

    Anyone got a invite code for WOWS? Looking to join the fleet here. Been on hiatus from WOT dun feel like going back there atm.. The red army is just too awesome for me to deal with. :/
  10. tyrant_eye

    AniManga Chat :E

    lol so many ex-wot guys here now. I spot a Retia too ><
  11. tyrant_eye

    Loving leaving WoT to go to warships

    Well have been on hiatus myself from the horror that is WOT for mths.. Going to give this WOWS a whirl and see how it goes.. that said, if any decent player would friend me up and guide me a bit (save me from being noobish), i would appreciate it. Thanks.. ><
  12. Hi guys, not sure if this is the right place to ask but is there a guide or any sorts as such on gameplay mechanics for WOWS? P.S: Is it me or am i seeing kinda quite a few WOT guys hanging ard here now lol... ><